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My research focuses on establishing the role of intrinsic scales of an epidemic, cropping pattern and density in epidemic spread and control. Primarily, I develop models and theoretical descriptions of the spatial spread of plant pests and viruses (e.g. oak processionary moth, cassava brown streak disease) focusing on the role of spatially explicit dynamics, spatial structure of the host landscape, stochasticity and time-variability, all of which influence the pest and pathogen distribution range, severity of an epidemic, and optimal control strategies.
I have a professional background in theoretical physics, mathematical modelling and analytical approximations and have experience in biomedical physics (mathematical modelling of underlying principles governing biological systems), theoretical ecology (study of species coexistence, spatially explicit stochastic point processes, spatial stochastic dynamics) and epidemiology (spatial spread of diseases and pathogens, the role spatial structure of the host landscape).


PhD in Theoretical Physics (Condensed Matter), Lancaster University, UK

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Dr Yevhen  Suprunenko

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