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Global food demand is expected to increase substantially over the coming decades, whereas productivity increases of the most important food crops through conventional breeding are slowing down. Global climate change is putting additional pressures on food production. Rain-fed crop yields are increasingly sensitive to water availability and atmospheric vapour pressure deficit, and irrigated crops are depleting global groundwater supplies at an alarming rate. All of this means that new crop improvement and crop husbandry strategies are needed urgently to improve crop productivity and water use efficiency. Since photosynthesis appears to be a major underutilized route to improve crop productivity, I'm studying the physiology of photosynthesis and its interactions with environmental drivers such as light, water, temperature and CO2 with the ultimate aim to improve crop productivity and water use efficiency.

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Previous positions

2018-present University Lecturer in Plant Physiology, University of Cambridge
2018-present Affiliated Faculty Position, Carl R Woese Institute for Genomic Biology
2013-2018 Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Illinois
2010-2013 Research Scientist Crop Physiology, Wageningen University and Research Centre
2006-2006 Junior Researcher, Wageningen University and Research Centre


2006-2010 PhD in Plant Science, University of Cambridge
2004-2006 MSc Plant Sciences, Wageningen University
1999-2003 BSc Plant Sciences, Wageningen University

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Head of Environmental Plant Physiology Group
University Lecturer
Biological Safety Officer
Dr Johannes  Kromdijk

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