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Department of Plant Sciences

We study how disturbances alter the functioning and biodiversity of the world's ecosystems in order to generate solutions for mitigating the impacts of global change.  We focus on plants and their interactions with microbes, animals, and biogeochemical processes in terrestrial and freshwater systems.  Our aim is to generate solutions for complex social, economic and environmental challenges, such as food security and the provision of ecosystem services, by developing predictive models to inform policy and management interventions.
Currently, our work is: (i) identifying terrestrial controls over the functioning of aquatic ecosystems; and (ii) testing how evolutionary history influences the responses of ecosystems to disturbances.  We are also engaged in other projects at the interface of conservation science and ecology, particularly in the agri-environment.

More information

To find out more about the research carried out by the Ecosystems and Global Change Research Group visit the Tanentzap Lab website.
canada lake
Boreal watersheds in Ontario, Canada
scotland upland
Scottish Highlands 
nz alpine
Alpine grassland in South Island, New Zealand 

Joining the group

Contact Head of Group Professor Andrew Tanentzap, who is now based at Trent Univerity in Canada, if you're interested in joining the group or finding out more about the group's research.

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