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Department of Plant Sciences

If you're interested in joining the Cereal Symbiosis Group please contact Professor Uta Paszkowski directly at The establishment of an AM symbiosis proceeds as a series of genetically controlled steps. The group takes genetic approaches and combines these with cell biological, physiological and genomics techniques to generate understanding about the molecular mechanisms underpinning the establishment and functioning of this important interaction in cereals. The group predominantly works in rice and maize, but more recently has extended its efforts into barley and wheat. Projects are available for interested doctoral candidates across a variety of subjects, including plant-fungal signalling, molecular evolution, symbiotic plant nutrition, mathematical modelling or translating findings made in the laboratory to the field. 


Prospective postgraduate students are required to apply through the University's Applicant Portal. For information on how to apply, including course entry requirements, deadlines and application fees, visit the Postgraduate Admissions website. Any available PhD projects are listed below: