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Department of Plant Sciences


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Research overview

The overarching theme of my research is to combine genomics and molecular biology to understand fundamental questions in host:parasite biology. My group primarily focus on plant-parasitic nematodes because: i) they are a threat to food security in developed and developing countries, and ii) underlying this threat is a wealth of fascinating biology that until very recently has been largely unexplorable.

School of Biological Sciences theme affiliations



Natural Sciences Tripos: 1B Plant and Microbial Sciences

Previous positions

2021-present Ordinary Fellow, King’s College Cambridge
2018-present BBSRC David Phillips Fellow, University of Cambridge
2018-2021 Research Fellow, King’s College Cambridge
2015-2018 BBSRC Academic Future Leaders Fellow, University of Dundee


2010-2014 PhD in Plant Nematode Effectors, University of Leeds and The James Hutton Institute
2007-2010 BSc Biology, University of Leeds


Key publications


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Awards and fellowships

  • Schroth Faces of the Future Award, The American Phytopathological Society, 2021
  • Ordinary Fellowship, King’s College Cambridge, 2021
  • Crop Sciences Centre Fellowship, Cambridge Potato Growers Research Association, 2021
  • New Lecturer Award in human/animal nutrition, or crop science, Rank Fund, 2018
  • Research Fellow, King’s College Cambridge, 2018
  • David Phillips Fellow, BBSRC, 2018
  • Young Researcher in Crop Sciences, Society of Chemical Industry, 2016
  • Peter Massalski Prize, Scottish Society of Crop Research, 2016
  • Anniversary Future Leader Fellow, BBSRC, 2015
  • David Miller Award, Society of Chemical Industry, 2014


2020-present Invited member of Faculty Opinions
2020-present Member of the Equality, Diversity and Wellbeing Committee
2019-2023 Appointment to BBSRC Pool of Experts
2018-present European Society of Nematologists Elected Board Member The Advancement of the Science
2014-present Society of Chemical Industry Horticultural Group committee member

Public engagement

Head of Plant-Parasite/Pathogen Interactions Group
BBSRC David Phillips Fellow
Principal Research Associate
Dr Sebastian  Eves-van den Akker

Contact Details

Email address: 
Crop Science Centre,
Lawrence Weaver Road,
01223 342200