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Research Overview

After my BSc in Agricultural Science at the University of Bonn, I finished my MSc in Crop Sciences at the University of Hohenheim. I became interested in plant-parasitic nematodes during my bachelor's thesis, where I investigated the role of glutathione in plant-nematode interactions. Building on these experiences, I did my master's thesis in collaboration with the plant-parasite interactions group (University of Cambridge/CSC) and investigated the interaction of a transcriptional master regulator of nematode parasitism with its cognate DNA motif. I have now joined the plant-parasite interactions group and continue my research on master regulators of nematode parasitism.


2021, MSc Crop Sciences, University of Hohenheim
2019, BSc Agricultural Science, University of Bonn


Awards and Grants

2022, Cambridge Trust & Rosalie Crawford Girton Scholarship
2022, PhD student in Collaborative Training Program for Sustainable Agricultural Innovation (CTP-SAI)
2021, Best degree in five years, MSc Crop Sciences, University of Hohenheim
2019, Selected participant in Honors Program, University of Bonn


Key Publications

Glutathione contributes to plant defense against parasitic cyst nematodes, 2021, bioRxiv

Postgraduate Student
Anika Damm

Contact Details

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Crop Science Centre,
Lawrence Weaver Road,