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Department of Plant Sciences

Professsor Sir David Baulcombe
Head of Gene Expression Group
Royal Society Research Professor
01223 339386
Dr Samuel Fraser Brockington
Head of Evolution and Diversity Group
Curator of the Cambridge University Botanic Garden
Professor of Evolution
Lab 01223 330232
Professor John Carr
Head of Virology and Molecular Plant Pathology Group
Department Safety Officer
01223 766416
A young woman with black hair in a bob wears a grey jumper and smiles
Head of Plant Nutrient Group
Royal Society University Research Fellow
01223 342200
Professor David  Coomes
Conservation Research Institute Director
Head of Forest Ecology and Conservation Group
01223 333911
Dr Nik  Cunniffe
Head of Theoretical and Computational Epidemiology Group
Director of Teaching
01223 333954
Prof. Julia  Davies
Head of Transport Group
Professor of Stress Signalling
Director of Post Graduate Education
01223 333900
A woman with short black hair in a white shirt
Head of Crop Pathogen Immunity Group
01223 342200
David Edwards
Professor of Plant Ecology
Head of Tropical Ecology and Conservation Group
01223 748982
Dr Sebastian  Eves-van den Akker
Head of Plant-Parasite/Pathogen Interactions Group
BBSRC David Phillips Fellow
Principal Research Associate
01223 342200
Professor Chris  Gilligan
+ Director of Research and Head, Epidemiology and Modelling Group
+ Fellow, King's College, Cambridge
01223 748986
Professor Beverley Glover
Director of Cambridge University Botanic Garden
Head of Evolution and Development Group
01223 333938
Professor Howard  Griffiths
Head of Physiological Ecology Group
Professor of Plant Ecology
01223 333946
Head of Chromatin & Memory Group
Royal Society University Research Fellow
Associate Professor
01223 748969
Head of Synthetic Biology for Engineering Plant Growth Group
01223 766546
Prof. Ian  Henderson
Head of Genetic and Epigenetic Inheritance in Plants Group
Professor of Genetics and Epigenetics
01223 748977
Professor Julian  Hibberd
Head of Department of Plant Sciences
Head of Molecular Physiology Group
01223 766547
Dr Johannes Kromdijk
Head of Environmental Plant Physiology Group
Associate Professor
Biological Safety Officer
01223 760980
Leonie Luginbuehl
Head of Plant Physiology and Symbiosis Group
Assistant Professor
Professor Giles  Oldroyd
Director of the Crop Science Centre
Russell R Geiger Professor of Crop Science
01223 342200
Professor Uta  Paszkowski
Head of Cereal Symbiosis Group
01223 342200
Dr Nicola Patron
Head of Plant Molecular Engineering Group
Dr Adam  Pellegrini
Head of Ecosystem and Carbon Science Group
Associate Professor
01223 748981
Professor Alison Smith
Head of Plant Metabolism Group
01223 333952
Professor Alex  Webb
Head of Circadian Signal Transduction Group
01223 333948
Natashe Yelina
Head of Crop Breeding Technologies Group
Cawthorn Senior Researcher of Crop Science
01223 342200