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Kristina’s PhD project focuses on how bees perceive shapes and colours and how petal-epidermal cell shapes have evolved and how they develop. Of particular interest is the question how bees perceive symmetry in flowers and how macro- as well as micro-symmetical structures in flowers impact pollinator sensory ecology. While Bombus terrestris serves as a model organism to establish how interrelated flower cues impact the visiting bumblebees, Eschscholzia is used to analyse micro-symmetical structures on the petal epidermis from an evolutionary and developmental point of view.


Kristina joined the lab in 2020 as a German Academic Scholarship Foundation PhD Fellow. She completed her undergraduate studies at Imperial College London (BSc Biology) where she worked on developmental genetics in C. elegans, in particular TGF-β signaling. She did her MSc at HHU Düsseldorf investigating visual perception in bees, drawing on sensory ecology/pollination biology/behavioural biology/psychophysics and botany.
Kristina has held academic positions at different universities to date: Tutor at Imperial College London, Assistant Research Fellow at University of Otago, Research Associate at Institute for Art and Art Theory at the University of Cologne, Assistant Professor at Goethe University Frankfurt/Main, Visiting Lecturer at HGK Basel and most recently Supervisor at Queens’ College Cambridge. Kristina also holds an MA from the Royal College of Art, London and her activity in that register can be found here.
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Ms Kristina  Buch

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