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Department of Plant Sciences

Head of Group
Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Sir David Baulcombe 01223339386 Head of Gene Expression Group, Royal Society Research Professor, Radiation Protection Supervisor
Dr Samuel Brockington Lab 01223 330232 Head of Evolution and Diversity Group, ., Curator of the Cambridge University Botanic Garden, ., Associate Professor
Professor John Carr 01223 766416 Head of Virology and Molecular Plant Pathology Group, Department Safety Officer
Dr Jeongmin Choi 01223 342200 Head of Plant Nutrient Group, Royal Society University Research Fellow
Professor David Coomes 01223 333911 Conservation Research Institute Director, Head of Forest Ecology and Conservation Group,
Professor Nik Cunniffe 01223 333954 Head of Theoretical and Computational Epidemiology Group, Director of Teaching
Professor Julia Davies 01223 333900 Head of Transport Group, Professor of Stress Signalling, Director of Post Graduate Education
Dr Lida Derevnina 01223 342200 Head of Crop Pathogen Immunity Group
Dr Sebastian Eves-van den Akker 01223 342200 Head of Plant-Parasite/Pathogen Interactions Group, BBSRC David Phillips Fellow
Professor Chris Gilligan 01223 748986 + Director of Research and Head, Epidemiology and Modelling Group, + Fellow, King's College, Cambridge
Professor Beverley Glover 01223 333938 Director of Cambridge University Botanic Garden, ., Head of Evolution and Development Group
Professor Howard Griffiths 01223 333946 Head of Physiological Ecology Group, Professor of Plant Ecology
Dr Jake Harris Head of Chromatin & Memory Group, Royal Society University Research Fellow
Professor Jim Haseloff 01223 766546 Head of Synthetic Biology for Engineering Plant Growth Group, Laser Safety Officer
Professor Ian Henderson 01223 748977 Head of Genetic and Epigenetic Inheritance in Plants Group, Professor of Genetics and Epigenetics
Professor Julian Hibberd 01223 766547 Head of Department of Plant Sciences, Head of Molecular Physiology Group
Dr Johannes Kromdijk 01223 760980 Head of Environmental Plant Physiology Group, Associate Professor, Biological Safety Officer
Dr Leonie Luginbuehl Head of Plant Physiology and Symbiosis Group, Assistant Professor
Professor Giles Oldroyd 01223 342200 Director of the Crop Science Centre, Russell R Geiger Professor of Crop Science
Professor Uta Paszkowski 01223 342200 Head of Cereal Symbiosis Group
Dr Adam Pellegrini 01223 748981 Head of Disturbance Ecology and Ecosystem Function Group, University Lecturer
Professor Alison Smith 01223 333952 Head of Plant Metabolism Group
Professor Andrew Tanentzap 01223 748982 Head of Ecosystems and Global Change Group, Professor of Global Change Ecology
Professor Alex Webb 01223 333948 Head of Circadian Signal Transduction Group
Dr Natasha Yelina 01223 342200 Head of Crop Breeding Technologies Group, Cawthorn Senior Researcher of Crop Science
Research Staff
Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Davide Annese Research Assistant
Dr Lorraine Archer 01223 330219 Research Associate, Research Lab Coordinator
Paola Asprilla Carabali 01223 366545 Research Assistant
Dr Kumari Billakurthi 01223 330220 Research Associate
Dr Jenia Binenbaum Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Caroline Bournaud 01223 342200 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Marie Curie Research Fellow
Sam Bruty Research Assistant
Dr Angie Burnett 01223 760980 Postdoctoral Research Associate, David MacKay Research Associate at Darwin College and Cambridge Zero
Dr Robin Burns 01223 748977 Research Associate
Dr Lee Cackett 01223 330220 Research Associate
Dr Dora Cano Ramirez 01223 333928 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Tania Chancellor 01223 342200 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Caijin Chen 01223 330220 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Chiara Di Dio Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Patrick Dickinson Research Associate
Dr Ruairi Donnelly 01223 330228 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr John Ellis 01223 748957 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Evan Ellison 01223 342200 Research Associate, Crop Sciences Centre
Jérémy André Fonvielle 01223 330225 Research Associate
Dr Eftychios Frangedakis 01223 330220 Research Associate
Dr Katrin Geisler 01223 330219 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Alejandra Guerrero Rubio 01223 330232 Research Associate
Dr Humberto Herrera-Ubaldo 01223 333934 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Eva Herrero Serrano 01223 333928; 333934/330212 Research Associate
Dr Andre Holzer Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Lei Hua 01223 330220 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Thomas Irving 01223 342200 Research Associate
Dr Toby Jackson Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Amy Jacobsen 01223 342200 Research Associate
Dr Min-Yao Jhu Research Associate
Dr Roman Kellenberger 01223 333934; 330212 Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Olesya Kolmakova Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Tak Lee 01223 342200 Research Associate
Dr Sara Lopez-Gomollon 01223 748979 Broodbank Fellow
Dr Payam Mehrshahi 01223 330219 Senior Research Associate
Gonzalo Mendoza 01223 330219 Broodbank Fellow
Dr Mandana Miri 01223 342200 Research Associate
Dr Tamás Mona Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Thiago Alexandre Moraes Research Associate
Dr Pawel Mordaka 01223 330219 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Victor Hugo Moura de Souza 01223 342200 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellow
Dr Alex Murphy 01223 330215 Senior Research Associate
Dr Matthew Naish 01223 748979 Research Associate
Gabriela Pingarron-Cardenas Research Assistant
Dr Udhaya Ponraj 01223 333934 Research Associate
Dr Hadi Putra Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr E-Ping Rau 01223 331300 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Renata Retkute Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Facundo Romani Research Associate
Shawna Rowe Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Cristina Sales 01223 760980 Research Associate
Dr Indu Santhanagopalan 01223 330218 Research Associate, TIGR2ESS
Dr Tina Schreier 01223 330220 Research Associate
Dr Sarab Singh Sethi Herschel Smith Fellow
Conor Simpson 01223 330220 Research Assitant
Dr Archana Singh 01223 748979 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Jacob Smith Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Unnati Sonawala 01223 748969 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Gareth Steed 01223 333928 Research Associate
Dr Richard Stutt 01223 748957 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Tianshu Sun 01223 330220 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Yevhen Suprunenko Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Tom Swinfield Research Associate
Dr Jiafu Tan 01223 336268 Marie Curie Fellow
Dr Thomas Thirkell 01223 342200 Research Associate
Dr Andy Tock 01223 748979 Research Associate
Elizabeth Torley Research Assistant
Dr Ravendran Vasudevan 01223 766545 Research Associate
Dr Julia Walter Research Associate
Dr Qi Wang 01223 333934; 330212 Bioinformatician, Departmental Data Champion
Dr Cerian Webb Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Charlotte Wheeler 01223 331300 Research Associate
Professional Services - Technicians
Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Dr Doris Albinsky 01223 342200 Genetics and Phenotyping Platform Manager
Ben Beresford 01223 333929 Facilities Technician, First Aider
Nigel Boulding 01223 767820 Plant Growth Facilities Manager
Lawrence Bower 01223 748957 Scientific IT Developer
Aimi Bresler 01223 330217 Teaching Technician
Kazuko Collins 01223 342200 Media Technician
Dr Adeeba Dark Laboratory Manager
Dr Ruth Donald Senior Research Technician
Matthew Dorling 01223 333934 Technician
Hannah Fryer Research Laboratory Technician
Dr Patricia Gil Diez 01223 342200 Research Laboratory Technician
Stuart Howe 01223 342200 Facilities Coordinator
Denitsa Hristova 01223 342200 Research Laboratory Technician
Emma Jackson 01223 767820 PGF Horticultural Technician
Mark Johns 01223 748960 Glasswashing Technician
Caroline Kemp 01223 330225 Senior Research Laboratory Technician
Barbara Landamore 01223 333927 Chief Teaching Technician, Chief First Aider, trained in mental health awareness
Phil Marshall 01223 342200 Horticultural Technician
Kostas Papadopoulos 01223 330219 Research Lab Technician
Dr Jessica Royles 01223 330218 Research Lab Technician
Dr Benedetta Saccomanno 01223 342200 Senior Platform Technician
Aliya Santosa Laboratory Research Technician
Dr Susana Sauret-Gueto 01223 342200 Research Lab Manager, Departmental Data Champion
Beatrice Senatori Research Laboratory Technician
Helen Shaw Research Laboratory Technician
Dr Eleni Soumpourou 01223 342200 Platform Manager
Susan Stanley 01223 330220 Technician, First Aider trained in mental health awareness
Melanie Steer 01223 767820 Horticultural Technician
Katie Sutherland 01223 330219 Research Technician
Eirini Vlachaki Genetics & Phenotyping Laboratory Technician
Dr Xiao Wang Senior Research Technician
Na Wang 01223 330220 Research Technician Part Time
Simon West 01223 333929 Maintenance and Facilities Manager
Antonia Yarur 01223 748979 Senior Research Laboratory Technician
Dr Yi Zhang 01223 330221 Lab Manager
Professional Services - Administration
Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Sue Aspinall 01223 330223 Departmental Safety Manager
Francis Botcherby General Assistant
Catherine Butler 01223 333909 Departmental Administrator
Joanna Carruthers 01223 333925 PA to the Head of Department and Departmental Administrator
Angie Claxton 01223 333916 Research Grants and Accounts Co-ordinator
George Cronin 01223 333930 Visitor, Deputy Librarian, School of Biological Sciences
Dr Sarah Crudge 01223 333930 Visitor, Librarian, School of Biological Sciences
Dr Helen Driver Programme Manager
Dr Sonja Dunbar Teaching Associate
Dr Lauren Gardiner 01223 330217 Curator of the Cambridge University Herbarium
Rhyanna Halasovski 01223 766519 Undergraduate Teaching Administrator
Sally Hames 01223 334107 Group Administrator and PA
Del Hawtin 01223 333916 Finance Manager
Amber Horning Herbarium Curation & Digitisation Assistant
Dik Jeffrey 01223 333910 Head of Stores
Annie Lu Catering Assistant
Katherine Maltby 01223 333900 Reception, Wellbeing Advocate
Frances Marsh 01223 333930 Library Assistant
Dr Cicely Marshall Teaching Associate
Dr Stephanie Norwood 01223 330211 Co-ordinator & Events Manager for the Biology Interdisciplinary Research Centre
Holly Peacock 01223 342200 Communications Coordinator
Francesca Re Manning 01223 330446 Programme Manager Global Food Security IRC
Jeni Sawford PA to the Director of the Crop Science Centre
Dr Alison Scott-Brown Translational Research Impact Associate
Abigail Youngman Events and Education Projects Co-ordinator
Postgraduate Students
Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Vanda Adamkova Postgraduate Student
Lucia Arce Cubas 01223 760980 Postgraduate Student
Yeorgia Argirou Postgraduate Student
Warren Arinaitwe 01223 330215 Cambridge-Africa Supported Postgraduate Student
Hana Azuma Postgraduate Student
James Ball Postgraduate Student
Arden Berlinger Postgraduate Student
Emmanuel Bernardo Postgraduate Student
Elena Bidash Postgraduate Student
Bill Bishop 01223 342200 Postgraduate Student
Ignacy Bonter 01223 766545 Postgraduate Student
William Boxall 01223 766545 Postgraduate Student
Anthony Bridgen 01223 761100 Postgraduate Student
Tom Brine Postgraduate Student
Abigail Brock Postgraduate Student
Kristina Buch 01223 333934 Postgraduate Student
Hamish Campbell Postgraduate Student
Isla Causon Sainsbury Laboratory Postgraduate Student
Hei Yeung (Aland) Chan Postgraduate Student
Emily Chan 01223 761100 Sainsbury Laboratory Postgraduate Student
Weng Yik Chin 01223 760980 Postgraduate Student
Edgar Cifuentes Postgraduate Student
Sam Crawshaw 01223 330215 Postgraduate Student
Anika Damm Postgraduate Student
William Davis Sainsbury Laboratory Postgraduate Student
Zhengao Di 01223 330220 Postgraduate Student
Jasmina Dzurlic Postgraduate Student
Lauren Eddie 01223 342200 Postgraduate Student
Caroline Faessler 01223 330219 Postgraduate Student
Alice Fairnie Postgraduate student
Elin Falla Postgraduate Student
Gabriel Ferreras Garrucho 01223 342200 Postgraduate Student
Jordan Ferria 01223 333934; 764736 Postgraduate Student
Benjamin Fisk 01223 333934; 330212 Postgraduate Student, Postgraduate Student Representative
Erika Freeman 01223 330225 Postgraduate Student
George Garnett Postgraduate Student
Danny Ginzburg Postgraduate Student, Gates Cambridge Scholarship
Nicola Gorringe 01223 748979 Postgraduate Student
Alejandro Guizar Coutiño Postgraduate Student, Departmental Data Champion
Zara Guppy Postgraduate Student
Alex Guyon 01223 761100 Sainsbury Laboratory Postgraduate Student
Ellen Harrison 01223 330219 Postgraduate Student
David Hoey 01223 761100 Sainsbury Laboratory Postgraduate Student
Roberto Hofmann 01223 761100 Sainsbury Laboratory Postgraduate Student
Raphaella Hull 01223 342200 Postgraduate Student
Edwin Jarratt Barnham 01223 342200 Postgraduate Student
Medhavi Kakkar 01223 342200 Postgraduate Student
Farahnoz Khojayori 01223 333934/330212 Postgraduate Student, Postgraduate Student Representative
Gizem Kiyak 01223 342200 Postgraduate Student
Juliana Kohli Postgraduate Student
Thea Kongsted 01223 333934; 330212 Postgraduate Student
Danai Kontou 01223 330225 Postgraduate Student
Olaf Kranse 01223 342200 Postgraduate Student
Ina Kruger Postgraduate Student
Pallas Kuo 01223 748979 Postgraduate Student
Yuxi Liang 01223 761100 Sainsbury Laboratory Postgraduate Student
Breagha Magill 01223 333928 Postgraduate Student
Jennifer McGaley 01223 342200 Postgraduate Student
Audrey McInnerney 01223 761100 Sainsbury Laboratory Postgraduate Student
Beth Molloy Postgraduate Student
Jake Moscrop 01223 333934; 330212 Postgraduate Student
Rachel Murray-Watson 01223 748957 Postgraduate Student
Barbara Neto - Bradley Postgraduate Student
Youzheng Ning 01223 748980/83 Postgraduate Student
Martina Orvosova 01223 342200 Postgraduate Student
Robert Powell Postgraduate Student
Marius Rebmann 01223 766545 Postgraduate Student
Alice Robijns Postgraduate Student
Sarah Sandor 01223 330225 Postgraduate Student
Johanna Schoenecker Postgraduate Student
Emily Servante 01223 342200 Postgraduate Student, Postgraduate Student Representative
Mara Sgroi 01223 342200 Postgraduate Student
Lydia Soifer Postgraduate Student
Hamish Symington 01223 330216 Postgraduate Student
Laura Taylor 01223 333928 BBSRC iCASE Postgraduate Student
Georgia Taylor 01223 760980 Postgraduate Student
Nick Taylor Postgraduate Student
Basi Teng Postgraduate Student
Anne Thomas 01223 330225 Postgraduate Student
An Tran 01223 330219 Postgraduate Student
Rachel Trimble Postgraduate Student
Anoop Tripathi 01223 330220 Postgraduate Student
Anna Tse 01223 766545 Postgraduate Student
Kyaw Sein Win Tun (O'Neill) Postgraduate Student
Richard Vath Postgraduate Student
Kerry VerMeulen 01223 342200 Postgraduate Student
Satish Bharathwaj Viswanathan 01223330215 Postgraduate Student, Postgraduate Student Representative
Macy Vollbrecht 01223 761100 Sainsbury Laboratory Postgraduate Student
Nathanael Walker-Hale 01223 330232 Postgraduate Student
Jacob Watts Postgraduate Student
Siyuan Wei 01223 342200 Postgraduate Student
Eleanor Wilding Postgraduate Student
Jonathan Williams Postgraduate Student
Brett Wilson 01223 330232 Postgraduate Student
Samuel Woodman Postgraduate Student
Darius Zarrabian 01223 342200 Postgraduate Student
Selin Zeyrek 01223 761100 Sainsbury Laboratory Postgraduate Student
Daniel Zhang Postgraduate Student
Yi Zhao Postgraduate Student
Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Dr Sarabeth Buckley 01223 342200 Visiting Research Fellow
Yujie Cao Visitor
María Carbó Visitor
Dr Alexandra Dallaire 01223 342200 Visitor
Dr Jennifer Deegan Visitor
Dr John Ferguson 01223 760980 Academic Visitor
Dr Marcella Fernandes de Souza Visiting Researcher
Dr Timothy Hearn 01223 333928 Visitor
Clémentine Langlet Visiting Student
Lisa Lepczynski Erasmus Student
Ping Li Visiting Researcher
Isabella Liao Visiting Student
Dr Nina Lukhovitskaya Visitor
Camillo Moschner 01223 766545 Visitor
Emi Ota Visiting Researcher
Dr Boas Pucker 01223 330232 Visitor
Shahla Radmehr Visiting Researcher
Fatima Rasool 01223 784980 Visiting Student
Dr Asun Rodríguez-Uña Newton International Fellow
Dr Thomas Scheuerl Academic Visitor
Dr Fahad Shafiq 01223 748980 Visiting Academic
Dr Pallavi Singh 01223 330220 Academic Visitor
Dr Israël Tankam Chedjou Visiting Researcher
Dr Samuel Vanden Abeele 01223 330232 Visiting Research Fellow
Venja Vieweger Visitor
Jonah Walker 01223 330225 Visitor
Dr Francis Wamonje 01223 330215 Visitor
Charlotte Wathar Erasmus Student
Kwok Yin Man Visitor
Emeritus Staff
Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Professor Peter Grubb Investigative Plant Ecology, retired
Dr David Hanke Senior Lecturer, retired
Professor Enid Macrobbie Professor of Plant Biophysics Emeritus, retired
Dr Ed Tanner Head of Tropical Ecology, Senior Lecturer, retired