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Department of Plant Sciences


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Research overview

My research focuses on working out how plants measure time by studying a 24-hour timing device called the circadian clock and identifying how the circadian clock provides benefits to plants to maximise plant growth and productivity. My group is particularly interested in how the circadian oscillator regulates physiology (e.g. Ca2+ signalling) and how the oscillator is regulated by physiological signals (e.g. sugars from photosynthesis).

School of Biological Sciences theme affiliations



Teaches on the Natural Sciences Tripos including:
  • 1A Biology of Cells - 6 lectures on Intracellular Signalling
  • 1B Plant and Microbial Sciences - 3 practical classes on Arabidopsis Transformation
  • 1B Cell and Developmental Biology - 2 lectures on Intercellular Signalling
  • Part II Plant Sciences - 9 lectures on Plant Signalling Netowrks

Previous positions

2006-present Head of Group, Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge
1998-2006 Royal Society University Research Fellow, University of Cambridge 
1992-1998 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Lancaster University


1988-1992 PhD, Lancaster University 
1985-1988 BSc Biology, University of Stirling

Key publications


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Awards and fellowships

  • Membre Assocé Académie royale de Belgique
Head of Circadian Signal Transduction Group
Professor Alex  Webb

Contact Details

Email address: 
Department of Plant Sciences,
University of Cambridge,
Downing Street,
01223 333948