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Welcome to the 'first port of call' for all contract research staff in the Department of Plant Sciences. Here you can find news and information specifically for postdocs in the department, as well as links to other useful sites beyond Plant Sciences.

The postdoc committee maintains an overview of postdoctoral affairs in the department. These includes running regular events to build a strong postdoc community (e.g. postdoc lunches, external speakers), assessing postdoc needs in the department (e.g. annual survey), and maintaining the departmental postdoc mentoring scheme and website.

The postdoc committee facilitates communication between postdocs and the department and function as a first point of contact between both parties.

Activities should be postdoc-led, with administrative support and a PI representative.

Because it is postdoc led, a high turnover of members is expected. It is also expected that members leaving the committee should seek a replacement to sustain the postdoc committee.

Committee meetings are organized in Michaelmas, Lent and Easter terms, two weeks after the start of term.

Members of the Committee can be reached by e-mailing: .

A survey of Postdoc opinion within the Department is held every year. If you're interested in seeing the 2018-2019 survey results, and how the Postdoc Committee and the Department is using your input to try to act on the issues raised, you can download an (anonymised) summary (restricted).


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Research Staff Committee

Research staff in the Department of Plant Sciences are represented by the Research Staff Committee. Current members of this committee are:

Dr Chiara Airoldi        
Dr Jeongmin Choi Dr Ronelle Roth   
Dr Adam Hall Dr Indu Santhanagopalan
Dr Sara Lopez-Gomollon    Dr Susana Sauret-Gueto
Dr Payam Mehrshahi Dr Tina Schreier
Dr Pallavi Singh Dr Gonzalez Mendoza-Ochoa
Dr Limin Wang Dr Sebastian Mueller

Members of the Committee can be reached by e-mailing:

Postdocs from the department are also represented on several committees including: