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The mutually beneficial arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) symbiosis is the most widespread association between roots of terrestrial plants and fungi of the Glomeromycota. The association receives increasing scientific attention because of the nutritional benefit it confers to plants, its ubiquitous occurrence among contemporary plant species and, as a result of its evolutionary antiquity, an ancestral relationship to other plant interactions. Our research focuses on molecular mechanisms underlying the formation and functioning of AM symbioses in rice and maize. It aims at developing knowledge to optimize the incorporation of the AM-symbiosis into sustainable yet modern agricultural practices.

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Teaches on the Natural Sciences Tripos, including 1A Physiology of Organisms, 1B Plant and Microbial Sciences and Part II M2  Microbes: Genomes, Evolution and Lifestyles.

Previous positions

2019-present Professor, University of Cambridge
2017-2019 Reader, University of Cambridge
2012-2017 Lecturer, University of Cambridge
2006-2012 Assistant Professor, University of Lausanne
2003-2006 Junior Group Leader, University of Geneva
2000-2003 Staff Scientist, Syngenta


1993 PhD, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
1989 Diplom, University Cologne, Germany


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  • EMBO member, 2020
Head of Cereal Symbiosis Group
Professor Uta  Paszkowski

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Crop Science Centre
Lawrence Weaver Road
01223 342200