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Moritz Meyer (in the Department 2006-2017) was a Postdoc and has now moved on to the USA.
Celestin Ukozehasi was selected as the first recipient of the Rwanda Cambridge Scholarship. He studied for a PhD in Plant Sciences, and was a member of Wolfson College. About the scheme. Effective  January 2016, Celestin has been appointed University lecturer at the University of RwandaLinkedin Researchgate
Madeline Mitchell
Chandra Bellasio LinkedIn ResearchGate
Wanne Kromdijk
Aline Horwath
Dr Nik Betson, Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics, Umeå Universitet, S-901 87 UMEÅ, Sweden
Monica Mejia Chang
Melissa Barrett
Barney Davies
Abazar Rajabi
Ulli Seibt
Changfang Zhou
Joel Dunn
Jan Girnus
Mohammad Jankju
Kate Maxwell
Wendy Robe
Yi Zhang
Rachel Wong
Stephanie Swarbreck
Tanya Mathur