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Department of Plant Sciences


Research Group

Cereal Symbiosis



I am a PhD student in the Cereal Symbiosis group, researching the negative regulator SMAX1. My work is focused on understanding how this master negative regulator of mycorrhization controls this highly significant symbiotic relationship. To achieve this, I am focusing on the protein-protein interactions of SMAX1 to identify potential candidates that could be negatively regulated, leading to the disruption of symbiosis.

I did a BSc and an MSc degree in Agricultural Sciences in the University of Tuscia. Additionally, I worked as a research technician for four years, from 2019 to 2023. During this time, I focused on plant transformation in WT strawberry within Richard Harrison's group and worked on cereal symbiosis within Uta Paszkowski's group.


Key Publications

Micropropagation and Ex Vitro Rooting of Wolfberry

Postgraduate Student
Federico Marangelli

Contact Details

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Crop Science Centre
Lawrence Weaver Road