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Research Overview

My research aims to understand how disturbances, such as fires and tropical cyclones, affect forest restoration in the wet tropics and subtropics. Over the past few years, we have a large range of remote sensing datasets in Hong Kong. The region was heavily degraded in the past, but then went through over 70 years of forest restoration. By understanding how fires and wind interact with the restoration efforts in the study area, we hope to find the best way to achieve fire- and wind-resilience in restored wet tropical and subtropical landscapes.



2018-2019, MPhil in Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge
2015-2018, BA in Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge


Key publications

Chan, A.H.Y., Guizar-Coutino, A., Kalamandeen M. and Coomes, D.A. (2023), Reconstructing 34 years of fire history in the wet subtropical vegetation using Landsat. Remote Sens. 15, 1489.

Chan, A.H.Y., Barnes, C., Swinfield, T. and Coomes, D.A. (2021), Monitoring ash dieback (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus) in British forests using hyperspectral remote sensing. Remote Sens Ecol Conserv, 7: 306-320.


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Twitter: @AlandHyc



Apr 2019, Gates Cambridge Scholarship
May 2019, Honorary Trinity-Henry Barlow Scholarship
Jun 2018, Sylvia Haslam Award

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Aland Hei Yung Chan

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