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Students considering taking Plant & Microbial Sciences IB are likely to have taken at least one of Biology of Cells IA, Physiology of Organisms IA or Evolution and Behaviour IA. It is possible to take IB PMS without having taken any of these courses, but students are advised to seek background reading before they start the course, and/or additional supervisions. More information.

The IB PMS course is an essential background for the more specialised options in Part II Plant Sciences, as well as providing a strong scientific basis for topics in Part II Biochemistry, Genetics, Zoology or and Ecology. The strong microbiological component makes it an essential feeder for courses with microbiological content at Part II.

At the end of the course, students will have developed detailed knowledge of all aspects of modern plant biology. Students will also have gained experience of a range of experimental techniques used in modern plant biology and microbiology, both in the laboratory and in the field.