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Department of Plant Sciences


Students taking Part II Plant Sciences come from a variety of backgrounds and have done different combinations of IB courses.  Our students have come equipped with IB CDB, Ecology, HPS, BMB, Animal Biology, Geology, Pharmacology or Pathology.

Students who have not done IB Plant and Microbial Sciences, may find it helpful to review this material over the long summer break. When you commit to Part II Plant Sciences you will be added to the Part II Moodle site where you can access the lecture notes from IB Plant and Microbial Sciences, IB Ecology, and IB Cell and Developmental Biology during the long vacation. We also schedule our Part II lectures so that you can attend IB Plant and Microbial Sciences lectures if you wish to.

There is a summary of the modules at Part II (accessible on the left) which details the relevant IB PMS lectures and other relevant IA lectures. If there are IA courses that you did not do that are relevant to the modules that you intend take please email  who will provide you access to the relevant IA Moodle sites.  Part II lecture notes cannot be released in advance - you'll have to wait to actually start the course for that!

For each module there is also a suggestion of recent related review articles (accessible on the left) none of these are compulsory reading but they are intended to give you a flavour of the module.

If you have any further questions about background reading and preparing for Part II Plant Sciences please email the Course Organiser or Teaching Co-ordinator.