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Part II Plant Sciences: suggested reading list for long vacation

M1: Plant signalling networks

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M2: Microbes: Evolution, genomes and lifestyle

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M3: Evolution and ecosystem dynamics

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Early flowers and angiosperm evolution Else Marie Friis, Peter R. Crane, Kaj Raunsgaard Pedersen. (2011) (iDiscover:

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L1: Plant genomes & synthetic biology

Law and Jacobsen (2010) Establishing, maintaining and modifying DNA methylation patterns in plants and animals. Nature Reviews Genetics 11:204-20

Khalil and Collins (2010) Synthetic biology: applications come of age. Nature Reviews Genetics 11:367-79. More information at

Mechanisms in Plant Development, Ottoline Leyser and Stephen Day, Wiley-Blackwell 2002

L2: Responses to global change (interdepartmental with Zoology)

Thomas, CD et al (2004) Extinction risk from climate change. Nature 427:145-148

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L3: Frontiers in plant metabolism

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