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The Postgraduate Funding Competition co-ordinates funding from a wide variety of sources including the Cambridge Trust and Gates Cambridge. More details can be found here.  Applicants can apply by completing the funding section of the Postgraduate Application Form via the Applicant Portal. Prospective students can also use the Cambridge Funding Search page to find out which type of funding they might be eligible for, and how and when to apply.
The deadline for the Postgraduate Funding Competition for courses starting in Michaelmas Term 2021, Lent Term 2022 and Easter Term 2022 is 6th January 2022.
For US citizens resident in the USA, who want to be considered for Gates funding, the deadline is 13th October 2021.
Applications must be complete by the deadline; this includes providing all supporting documents and references. Incomplete applications will be withdrawn.
Applicants seeking to join this programme should apply to the Department of Plant Sciences in the first instance. The Department will assess and select eligible applicants for each programme and submit for consideration, if an initial Departmental evaluation and interview are successful. More details of funding opportunities are available.  Application procedures can be found here.