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A green woodland

Cambridge Climate Seminar Series: Industry Approaches to Carbon Offsetting and Emission Mitigation

Every Tuesday, 16.00-17.00
25th January to 1st March 2022

Climate change is one of the largest threats to ecosystem functioning and human livelihood. It is becoming increasingly apparent that these factors are intertwined, with sustainable livelihood and ecosystem management both serving to either amplify or offset trends in climate change.
One powerful pathway forward to combating the climate crises and identifying solutions is integrating the research and perspectives being developed in industry and academia. The large sums of money being invested into the private sector highlights the potential for powerful and rapid development of solutions at scales often not always achievable in single academic labs. Of equal excitement is the amount of funding going into academic research initiatives that bring together multi-disciplinary approaches to identify solutions. However, the communication and identification of synergies between these two ‘prongs’ can be substantially improved.
In this seminar series, speakers presented on broad topics relating to pathways to slow climate change, ways to improve sustainability, and approaches to forecasting climate-resilient industries. Seminars were open to the public and consisted of a 30-minute presentation, followed by 15 minutes for a panel discussion and another 15 minutes for open discussion.
25th January Adam Wolf
Founder and Chief Scientist at Arable
1st February Thomas Swinfield and Anil Madhavapeddy
University of Cambridge, Cambridge Centre for Carbon Credits
8th February Christophe Jospe
Ex. Chief Development Officer at Nori, Founder and President at Carbon A List
15th February Laura Hess
Environment Modeling Lead at The Climate Corporation
22nd February     Emma Fuller
Science Lead for Carbon and Ecosystem Services at Corteva Agriscience
1st March Gordon Vermeer
Chief Financial Officer in Natural Capital Markets at Natural Capital Exchange (formerly Silvia Terra) 

This seminar series was hosted by Dr Adam Pellegrini (Department of Plant Sciences) in collaboration with Cambridge Zero and the Cambridge Conservation Research Institute. If you would like further information on this series please email Dr Pellegrini at