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Department of Plant Sciences


We serve as a springboard for our graduates and introduce you to the Careers Service. The majority of our graduates go on into research. Our aim is to produce the next generation of plant scientists but our graduates are not limited to our discipline. Recent research destinations have included neuroscience and mathematical modelling PhDs. You will have seen our career destination posters in the teaching lab. See the career developments for past Plant Sciences graduates.

Staying with plants and microbes? Plant Sciences at Cambridge has become one of the most important centres for pure and applied plant science research within the UK. Locally, we have collaborations and firm links with the Sainsbury Laboratory in the Botanic Garden, Rothamsted Research, the John Innes Centre, the National Institute for Agricultural Botany (NIAB) and the plant breeding industry. We are also in the process of building the Cambridge Centre for Crop Science, a new research centre for global food security. Our research groups have international collaborations that could help you move further afield.

Whatever your career path, it can have an exciting and secure start with us.