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Department of Plant Sciences


Research stories 

As part of our celebrations to mark 300 years since the appointment of the first Professor of Botany, some of our current academics have written short research stories to help give you an insight into current areas of interest and future research challenges. 

If you are interested in finding out more, including how you might be able to support our academics in their future research endeavours, please get in touch with them using the link at the top of their respective articles. 


Support Plant Sciences

Understanding how wheat measures the days and the seasons

  • Alex Webb, Head of Circadian Signal Transduction Group

Know your enemy: discovery-driven sustainable solutions to plant-nematode interactions

  • Sebastian Eves-van den Akker, Head of Plant-Parasite/Pathogen Interactions Group

Understanding how petal surfaces impact pollinator behaviour and pollination

  • Beverley Glover, Head of Evolution and Development Group

Epigenetics in agriculture: unlocking nature's code for healthier crops

  • Jake Harris, Head of the Chromatin & Memory Group

The Global Wood Security Centre: knowledge and innovation to protect the world’s forest resources

  • David Edwards, Head of Tropical Ecology and Conservation Group

Exploring the genetic and epigenetic structure of plant genomes

  • Ian Henderson, Head of Genetic and Epigenetic Inheritance in Plants Group

Unlocking cellular decision making for plant plasticity and crop sustainability

  • Alexander Jones, Head of Jones Group, Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge University

Improving crop yield through enhanced photosynthesis

  • Julian Hibberd, Head of Molecular Physiology Group, and Head of Department 

Dodging a silver bullet; preventing infectious disease

  • David Baulcombe, Head of Gene Expression Group, and Regius Professor of Botany Emeritus