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Department of Plant Sciences

Undergraduate students in the lab

Plant Sciences at undergraduate level

Plant Sciences is taught within the Natural Sciences Tripos, which is the framework through which the University of Cambridge delivers most biological and physical sciences.

Students taking the Natural Sciences Tripos can study a range of courses involving plant sciences during their first and second years (Parts IA and IB), a specialist option Plant and Microbial Sciences in their second year (Part IB), and can specialise entirely in Plant Sciences in their final (Part II) year.
The Plant Sciences department provides traditional lectures, interactive and highly regarded practical classes, field courses, small group supervisions and a variety of more informal seminars. This enables students to develop the key skill sets and knowledge base needed to make substantial contributions to the conservation and sustainable management and development of the world's plant resources in the decades to come.

  • In the first year (Part IA), the department contributes to all four inter-departmental courses organised by the School of Biological Sciences: Biology of Cells, Evolution and Behaviour, Mathematical Biology and Physiology of Organisms.

  • In the second year (Part IB), the department contributes to three inter-departmental courses: Cell & Developmental Biology, Mathematical & Computational Biology, and Ecology & Conservation. We also run a dedicated course in Plant and Microbial Sciences.

  • In the third year (Part II), we offer a variety of modules within the Plant Sciences and Zoology courses, focusing on plant processes at a range of levels. We usually have approximately 25 students taking our research-led final year Plant Sciences course, the largest number of graduating botanists in any UK university.

Almost half of our graduating students go on to do postgraduate research whilst others find posts in agriculture, conservation, teaching, management, publishing and industry.

We are certain that the University of Cambridge is the best place to study Plant Sciences. But don't just take our word for it. Hear from Liam, a recent Part II Plant Sciences student, below.



Did you know?

Plant Sciences students benefit from the living collection held at the Cambridge University Botanic Garden, and enjoy free access.