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Department of Plant Sciences


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Theoretical and Computational Epidemiology 


Research Overview

I am a mathematical modeller with experience in computational ecology and epidemiology. My current research is the development of a model of the introduction and spread of huanglongbing (HLB), also known as citrus greening disease, in the EU. Using data on the distribution of citrus plants, a spatio-temporal model of the disease and its insect vector will be used to predict potential spreading patterns.


Previous Positions

  • Sept 2020 - Nov 2022, Epidemiologist, The Pirbright Institute
  • Sept 2017 - Aug 2020, Research Associate, University of Birmingham



  • 2021, PhD, University of Birmingham
  • 2017, MSci, University of Birmingham


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Postdoctoral Research Associate
John Ellis

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Department of Plant Sciences,
Downing Street,
01223 748957