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A masculine presenting person smiles at the camera. They have curly hair
Visiting Professorial Fellow
Dr Caroline  Bournaud
Marie Curie Research Fellow
01223 748969
Dr Sebastian  Eves-van den Akker
Head of Plant-Parasite/Pathogen Interactions Group
BBSRC David Phillips Fellow
01223 748969
Mr Itsuhiro  Ko
Postgraduate Student
01223 748969
Mr Olaf  Kranse
Postgraduate Student
A young woman in a pink top in a museum, she is smiling. There is a stuffed seagull looking over her left shoulder
Dr Clement  Pellegrin
Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual European Fellow
01223 748979
Ms Beatrice  Senatori
Research Laboratory Technician
01223 330449
Dr Unnati  Sonawala
Research Associate
01223 748969