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Department of Plant Sciences



Sabrina joined the Crop Science Centre as the interim ENSA Impact Manager to drive impact and facilitate the translation of scientific research discoveries into practical applications for the ENSA project. 
Sabrina has extensive lab-based research experience, having completed postdoctoral research at Michigan State University and the University of Cambridge, in both roles, dealing with amelioration of vitamin deficiencies in crops through nutritional genomics and epigenetics.


Key Publications

Yelina N.E., Holland D., Gonzalez-Jorge S., Hirsz D., Yang Z., Henderson I.R. (2022) Coexpression of MEIOTIC-TOPOISOMERASE VIB-dCas9 with guide RNAs specific to a recombination hotspot is insufficient to increase crossover frequency in Arabidopsis. G3-Genes Genomes Genetics, 12:7: jkac105.

Angelovici R., Batushansky A., Deason N., Gonzalez-Jorge S., Lipka A.E., Gore M.A., Aaron F., DellaPenna D. (2017) Network-guided GWAS improves identification of genes affecting free amino acids. Plant Physiology, 173: 872-886. 

Gonzalez-Jorge S., Mehrshahi, P., Magallanes-Lundback, M., Lipka A.E., Angelovici R., Gore M.A., DellaPenna D. (2016) Zeaxanthin epoxidase activity potentiates carotenoid degradation in maturing Arabidopsis seed. Plant Physiology, 171:1837-1851. 

Gonzalez-Jorge S., Ha S-H., Magallanes-Lundback M., Gilliland L.U., Zhou A., Lipka A.E., Nguyen Y.N., Angelovici R., Lin H., Cepela J., Little H., Buell C.R., Gore M.A., DellaPenna D. (2013) Carotenoid Cleavage Dioxygenase 4 is a Negative Regulator of β-carotene content in Arabidopsis Seed. The Plant Cell, 25: 4812–4826.

Angelovici R., Lipka A.E., Deason N., Gonzalez-Jorge S., Lin H., Cepela J., Buell C.R., Gore M.A., DellaPenna D. (2013) Genome-wide analysis of branched-chain amino acid levels in Arabidopsis seed. The Plant Cell, 25: 4827–4843. 

ENSA Impact Manager
Sabrina Gonzalez-Jorge

Contact Details

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Crop Science Centre
Lawrence Weaver Road
01223 342200