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Department of Plant Sciences


The establishment of an AM symbiosis proceeds as a series of genetically controlled steps. In our lab, we take genetic approaches, and combine these with cell biological, physiological and genomics techniques to generate understanding about the molecular mechanisms underpinning the establishment and functioning of this important interaction in cereals. We predominantly work in rice and maize, but more recently have extended our efforts into barley and wheat. Projects are available for interested doctoral candidates across a variety of subjects, including plant-fungal signalling, molecular evolution, symbiotic plant nutrition, mathematical modelling or translating findings made in the laboratory to the field.

Please get into touch with Uta Paszkowski ( if you are interested in joining our laboratory.

Studentships currently available in this lab can be found below.  Please contact Uta Paszkowski to talk about  any studentships.  To apply or for administrative details please see the Postgraduate training section.