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Department of Plant Sciences


Here are the publications that the Department of Plant Sciences has produced since we started keeping a record in late 2015. It is probably not a complete list:


Lambing C, Tock AJ, Choi K, Topp SD, Kuo PC, Blackwell AR, Zhao X, Osman K, Higgins JD, Franklin FCH, Henderson IR. (2019) REC8-cohesin, chromatin and transcription orchestrate meiotic recombination in the Arabidopsis genome bioRxiv 

Navarro FJ, Baulcombe DC. (2019) miRNA-mediated regulation of synthetic gene circuits in the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii ACS Synth. Biol. 

Horwath AB, Royles J, Tito R, Gudiño JA, Allen NS, Farfan-Rios W, Rapp JM, Silman MR, Malhi Y, Swamy V, Latorre Farfan JP, Griffiths H. (2019) Bryophyte stable isotope composition, diversity and biomass define tropical montane cloud forest extent Proceedings of the Royal Society B:Biological Sciences 

Canto-Pastor A, Santos BAMC, Valli AA, Summers W, Schornack S, Baulcombe DC. (2018) Enhanced resistance to bacterial and oomycete pathogens by short tandem target mimic RNAs in tomato PNAS 

Zellweger F, De Frenne P, Lenoir J, Rocchini D, Coomes DA. (2019) Advances in Microclimate Ecology Arising from Remote Sensing Trends in Ecology and Evolution 

Matthus E, Wilkins KA, Swarbreck SM, Doddrell NH, Doccula FG, Costa A, Davies JM. (2019) Phosphate starvation alters abiotic stress-induced cytosolic free calcium increases in roots Plant Physiology 

Kirkbride RC, Lu J, Zhang C, Mosher RA, Baulcombe DC,  Chen ZJ. (2019) Maternal small RNAs mediate spatial-temporal regulation of gene expression, imprinting, and seed development in Arabidopsis PNAS 

Swarbreck SM, Guerringue Y, Matthus E, Jamieson FJC, Davies JM. (2019) Impairment in karrikin but not strigolactone sensing enhances root skewing in Arabidopsis thaliana The Plant Journal 

Webb AAR, Seki M, Satake A, Caldana C. (2019) Continuous dynamic adjustment of the plant circadian oscillator Nature Communications 

Igea J, Tanentzap AJ. (2019) Multiple macroevolutionary routes to becoming a biodiversity hotspot Science Advances 

Watkinson-Powell B, Gilligan CA, Cunniffe NJ. (2019) When does spatial diversification usefully maximise the durability of crop disease resistance? bioRxiv 

Mombaerts L, Carignano A, Robertson FR, Hearn TJ, Junyan J, Hayden D, Rutterford Z, Hotta CT, Hubbard KE, Mart Ruiz CM, Yuan Ye, Hannah MA, Goncalves J, Webb AAR. (2019) Dynamical differential expression (DyDE) reveals the period control mechanisms of the Arabidopsis circadian oscillator PLOS Computational Biology 

Roth R, Hillmer S, Funaya C, Chiapello M, Schumacher K, Lo Presti L, Kahmann R, Paszkowski U. (2019) Arbuscular cell invasion coincides with extracellular vesicles and membrane tubules Nature Plants 

Symington HA, Glover BJ. (2019) SpotCard: an optical mark recognition tool to improve field data collection speed and accuracy Plant Methods 

Davey MP, Norman L, Sterk P, Huete-Ortega M, Bunbury F, Kin Wai Loh B, Stockton S, Peck LS, Convey P, Newsham KK, Smith AG. (2019) Snow algae communities in Antarctica: metabolic and taxonomic
composition New Phytologist 

Worrall EA, Bravo-Cazar A, Nilon AT, Fletcher SJ, Robinson KE, Carr JP, Mitter N. (2019) Exogenous Application of RNAi-Inducing Double-Stranded RNA Inhibits Aphid-Mediated Transmission of a Plant Virus Frontiers in Plant Science 

van Rongen M, Bennett T, Ticchiarelli F, Leyser O. (2019) Connective auxin transport contributes to strigolactone-mediated shoot branching control independent of the transcription factor BRC1 PLOS Genetics 

Gorchs Rovira A, Smith AG. (2019) PPR proteins – orchestrators of organelle RNA metabolism Physiologia Plantarum 

Schreier TB, Hibberd JM. (2019) Variations in the Calvin–Benson cycle: selection pressures and optimization? Journal of Experimental Botany 

Swinfield T, Lindsell JA, Williams JV, Harrison RD, Agustiono, Habibi, Gemita E, Schönlieb CB, Coomes DA. (2019) Accurate Measurement of Tropical Forest Canopy Heights and Aboveground Carbon Using Structure From Motion Remote Sensing 

Donnelly R, Cunniffe NJ, Carr JP, Gilligan CA. (2019) Pathogenic modification of plants enhances long‐distance dispersal of non‐persistently transmitted viruses to new hosts Ecological Society of America 

Giuliani R, Karki S, Covshoff S, Lin H-C, Coe RA, Koteyeva NC, WP Quick, Von Caemmerer S, Furbank RT, Hibberd JM, Edwards GE, Cousins AB. (2019) Knockdown of glycine decarboxylase complex alters photorespiratory carbon isotope fractionation in Oryza sativa leaves Journal of Experimental Botany 

Hamelin FM, Allen LJS, Bokil VA, Gross LJ, Hilker FM, Jeger MJ, Manore CA, Power AG, Rúa MA, Cunniffe NJ. (2019) Co-infections by non-interacting pathogens are not independent & require new tests of interaction bioRxiv 

Buayam N, Davey MP, Smith AG, Pumas C. (2019) Effects of Copper and pH on the Growth and Physiology of Desmodesmus sp. AARLG074 Metabolites 

Igea J, Tanentzap AJ. (2019) Angiosperm speciation speeds up near the poles bioRxiv  

Aubr-Kientz M, Dutrieux R, Ferrax A, Saatchi S, Hamraz H, Williams J, Coomes D, Piboule A, Vincent G. (2019) A Comparative Assessment of the Performance of Individual Tree Crowns Delineation Algorithms from ALS Data in Tropical Forests  Remote Sensing 

Hua L, Hibberd JM. (2019) An optimised protocol for isolation of RNA through laser capture microdissection of leaf material bioRxiv 

Giolio C, Moyroud E, Glover BJ, Kalberer M. (2019) Direct depolymerization coupled to liquid extraction surface analysis high-resolution mass spectrometry for the characterization of the surface of plant tissues Analytical Chemistry 

Luginbuehl LH, El-Sharnouby S, Wang N, Hibberd JM. (2019) Fluorescent reporters for functional analysis in rice leaves bioRxiv 

Büntgen U, Krusic PJ, Piermattei A, Coomes DA, Esper J, Myglan VS, Kirdyanov AV, Camarero J, Crivallero A, Körner C. (2019) Limited capacity of tree growth to mitigate the global greenhouse effect under predicted warming.  Nat Commun 

Steidinger BS, Crowther TW, Liang J, Van Nuland ME, Werner GDA, Reich PB, Nabuurs G, de-Miguel S, Zhou M, Picard N, Herault B, Zhao X, Zhang C, Routh D, Peay KG, GFBI consortium (2019) Climatic controls of decomposition drive the global biogeography of forest-tree symbioses. Nature 

Liu J, Slik F, Coomes D, Corlett RT, Wang Y, Wilson M, Hu G, Ding P, Yu M. (2019) The distribution of plants and seed dispersers in response to habitat fragmentation in an artificial island archipelago.  Journal of Biogeography 

Liu J, Coomes DA, Gibson L, Hu G, Liu J, Luo Y, Wu C, Yu M. (2019) Forest fragmentation in China and its effect on biodiversity.  Biol Rev Camb Philos Soc. 

Spriggs RA, Vanderwel MC, Jones TA, Caspersen JP, Coomes DA.  (2019) A critique of general allometry-inspired models for estimating forest carbon density from airborne LiDAR.  PLoS One 

Burgess SJ, Reyna-Llorens I, Stevenson SR, Singh P, Jaeger K, Hibberd JM. (2019) Genome-wide transcription factor binding in leaves from C3 and C4 grasses bioRxiv  

Baulcombe DC. (2019) How Virus Resistance Provided a Mechanistic Foundation for RNA Silencing Plant Cell 

Chiu CH, Paszkowski U. (2019) Mechanisms and Impact of Symbiotic Phosphate Acquisition Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology 

Aguilar-Cruz A, Grimanelli D, Haseloff J, Arteaga-Vázquez MA. (2019) DNA methylation in Marchantia polymorpha New Phytologist 

Nunes MH, Both S, Bongalov B, Brelsford C, Khoury S, Burslem D, Philipson C, Majalap N, Riutta T, Coomes D, Cutler M. (2019) Changes in leaf functional traits of rainforest canopy trees associated with an El Niño event in Borneo Environmental Research Letters 

Swarbreck SM, Wang M, Wang Y, Kindred D, Sylvester-Bradley R, Shi W, Varinderpal-Sing, Bentley AR, Griffiths H. (2019) A Roadmap for Lowering Crop Nitrogen Requirement Trends in Plant Science 

Tmoneda A, Feng T, Sheehan H, Walker-Hale N, Pucker B, Lopez-Nieves S, Guo R, Brockington S. (2019) The evolution of betalain biosynthesis in Caryophyllales New Phytologist 

Reynolds SA, Davey MP, Aldridge DC. (2019) Harnessing Synthetic Ecology for commercial algae production Scientific Reports 

Bongalov B, Burslem DFRP, Jucker T, Thompson SED, Rosindell J, Swinfield T, Nilus R, Clewley D, Phillips OL, Coomes DA. (2019) Reconciling the contribution of environmental and stochastic structuring of tropical forest diversity through the lens of imaging spectroscopy Ecology Letters 

Lawrence EJ, Gao H, Tock AJ, Lambing C, Blackwell AR, Feng X, Henderson IR.  (2019) Natural Variation in TBP-ASSOCIATED FACTOR 4b Controls Meiotic Crossover and Germline Transcription in Arabidopsis Current Biology 

Gorgens EB, Motta A Z, Assis M, Nunes M, Jackson T, Coomes D, Rosette J, Oliveira e Cris Aragão LE, Ometto JP. (2019) The giant trees of the Amazon basin Frontiers in the Ecology and Environment 

Yuan W, Jian T, Du K, Chen H, Cao Y, Xie J, Li M, Carr JP, Wu B, Fan Z, Zhou T. (2019) Maize phenylalanine ammonia‐lyases contribute to resistance to Sugarcane mosaic virus infection, most likely through positive regulation of salicylic acid accumulation  Molecular Plant Pathology 

Hua L, Hibberd JM. (2019) An optimized protocol for isolation of high‐quality RNA through laser capture microdissection of leaf material Plant Direct 

Burgess SJ, Reyna-Llorens I, Stevenson SR, Singh P, Jaeger K, Hibberd JM. (2019) Genome-wide transcription factor binding in leaves from C3 and C4 grasses The Plant Cell 

Lawrence EJ, Gao H, Tock AJ, Lambing C, Blackwell AR, Feng X, Henderson IR. (2019) Natural Variation in TBP-ASSOCIATED FACTOR 4b Controls Meiotic Crossover and Germline Transcription in Arabidopsis Current Biology 

Benoit M, Drost H-G, Catoni M, Gouil Q, Lopez-Gomollon S, Baulcombe D, Paszkowski J. (2019) Environmental and epigenetic regulation of Rider retrotransposons in tomato PLOS Genetics 

Wang L, Stacey G, Leblanc-Fournier N, Legué V, Moulia B, Davies JM. (2019) Early Extracellular ATP Signaling in Arabidopsis Root Epidermis: A Multi-Conductance Process Frontiers in Plant Science 

Thompson RN, Gilligan CA, Cunniffe NJ. (2019) When does a minor outbreak become a major epidemic? Linking the risk from invading pathogens to practical definitions of a major epidemic bioRxiv 

Bussell EH, Cunniffe NJ. (2019) Ongoing surveillance protects tanoak whilst conserving biodiversity: applying optimal control theory to a spatial simulation model of sudden oak death bioRxiv 

Sheehan H, Feng T, Walker-Hale N, Lopez-Nieves S, Pucker B, Guo R, Yim WC, Badgami R, Timoneda A, Zhao L, Tiley H, Copetti D, Sanderson MJ, Cushman JC, Moore MJ, Smith SA, Brockington SF. (2019) Evolution of l‐DOPA 4,5‐dioxygenase activity allows for recurrent specialisation to betalain pigmentation in Caryophyllales New Phytologist 

Allen-Sadler C, Thurston W, Meyer M, Nure E, Bacha N, Alemayehu Y, Stutt R, Safka D, Craig A, Derso E, Burgin L, Millington S, Hort MC, Hodson D, Gilligan CA. (2019) An early warning system to predict and mitigate wheat rust diseases in Ethiopia Environmental Research Letters 

Williams J, Schönlieb C, Swinfield T, Lee J, Cai X, Qie L, Coomes DA. (2019) 3D Segmentation of Trees Through a Flexible Multiclass Graph Cut Algorithm IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 

Itakura AK, Chan KX, Atkinson N, Pallesen L, Wang L, Reeves G, Patena W, Caspari O, Roth R, Goodenough U, McCormick AJ, Griffiths H, Jonikas MC. (2019) A Rubisco-binding protein is required for normal pyrenoid number and starch sheath morphology in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii PNAS 

Lambing C, Choi K, Blackwell AR, Henderson IR. (2019) Chromatin Immunoprecipitation of Meiotically Expressed Proteins from Arabidopsis thaliana Flowers Methods Mol Biol 

Gardiner L. (2018) Cambridge University Herbarium: rediscovering a botanical treasure trove NatSCA 

Lots including Brockington SF, Covshoff S, Hibberd JM, Kazamia E, Smith AG. (2019) One thousand plant transcriptomes and the phylogenomics of green plants Nature 

Harrison EL, Arce Cubas L, Gray JE, Hepworth C. (2019) The influence of stomatal morphology and distribution on photosynthetic gas exchange The Plant Journal 

Martí Ruiz MC, Jung HJ, Webb AAR. (2019) Circadian gating of dark‐induced increases in chloroplast‐ and cytosolic‐free calcium in Arabidopsis New Phytologist 

Feng F, Sun J, Radhakrishnan GV, Lee T, Bozsóki Z, Fort S, Gavrin A, Gysel K, Thygesen MB, Andersen KR, Radutoiu S, Stougaard J, Oldroyd GED. (2019) A combination of chitooligosaccharide and lipochitooligosaccharide recognition promotes arbuscular mycorrhizal associations in Medicago truncatula Nature Communications 

Bailey-Serres J, Parker JE, Ainsworth EA, Oldroyd GED, Schroeder JI. (2019) Genetic strategies for improving crop yields Nature 

Román A, Golz JF, Webb AAR, Graham IA, Haydon MJ. (2019) Combining GAL4 GFP enhancer trap with split luciferase to measure spatiotemporal promoter activity in Arabidopsis Arabidopsis Plant Journal 

Tanentzap AJ, Igea J, Johnston MG, Larcombe MJ. (2019) Does evolutionary history correlate with contemporary extinction risk by influencing range size dynamics? The American Naturalist 

Airoldi CA, Hearn TJ, Brockington SF, Webb AAR, Glover BJ. (2019) TTG1 proteins regulate circadian activity as well as epidermal cell fate and pigmentation Nature Plants 

Bunbury F, Helliwell KE, Mehrshahi P, Davey MP, Salmon D, Holzer A, Smirnoff N, Smith AG. (2019) Physiological and molecular responses of a newly evolved auxotroph of Chlamydomonas to B12 deprivation bioRxiv 

Ladejobi O, Mackay IJ, Poland J, Praud S, Hibberd JM, Bentley AR. (2019) Reference Genome Anchoring of High-Density Markers for Association Mapping and Genomic Prediction in European Winter Wheat Frontiers in Plant Science 

Sontowski R, Gorringe NJ, Pencs S, Schedl A, Touw AJ, van Dam NM.  (2019) Same Difference? Low and High Glucosinolate Brassica rapa Varieties Show Similar Responses Upon Feeding by Two Specialist Root Herbivores Frontiers in Plant Science 

Cornell SJ, Suprunenko YF, Finkelshtein D, Somervuo P, Ovaskainen O. (2019) A unified framework for analysis of individual-based models in ecology and beyond Nature Communications 

Laranjeira FF, Silva SXB, Murray-Watson RE, Soares ACF, Santos-Filho HP, Cunniffe NJ. (2019) Spatiotemporal dynamics and modelling support the case for area-wide management of citrus greasy spot in a Brazilian smallholder farming region bioRxiv  

Tanentzap AJ, Fitch A, Orland C, Emilson EJS, Yakimovich KM, Osterholz H, Dittmar T. (2019) Chemical and microbial diversity covary in fresh water to influence ecosystem functioning PNAS 

Kromdijk J, Glowacka K, Long SP. (2019) Photosynthetic efficiency and mesophyll conductance are unaffected in Arabidopsis thaliana aquaporin knock-out lines Journal of Experimental Botany 

Orland C, Yakimovich KM, Mykytczuk NCS, Basiliko N, Tanentzap AJ. (2019) Think global, act local: The small‐scale environment mainly influences microbial community development and function in lake sediment Limnology and Oceanography 

Kumar V, Chauhan S, Kumar M, Kumari R, Babu S, Yadav G. (2019) Chemical Curation of Lantana camara emissions across Native and Invaded Habitats Zenodo 

Tungadi T, Donnelly R, Qing L, Iqbal J, Murphy AM, Pate AE, Cunniffe NJ, Carr JP.  (2019) Cucumber mosaic virus 2b proteins inhibit virus-induced aphid resistance in tobacco Molecular Plant Pathology 

Hamelin FM, Allen LJS, Bokil VA, Gross LJ, Hilker FM, Jeger MJ, Manore CA, Power AG, Rúa MA, Cunniffe NJ. (2019) Coinfections by noninteracting pathogens are not independent and require new tests of interaction PLOS Biology 

Bogdziewicz M, Ascoli D, Hacket-Pain A, Koenig WD, Pearse I, Pesendorfer M, Satake A, Thomas P, Vacchiano G, Wohlgemuth T, Tanentzap A. (2019) From theory to experiments for testing the proximate mechanisms of mast seeding: an agenda for an experimental ecology Ecology Letters 

Poon JSY, Le Fevre RE, Carr JP, Hanke DE, Murphy AM. (2019) Inositol hexakisphosphate biosynthesis underpins PAMP‐triggered immunity to Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato in Arabidopsis thaliana but is dispensable for establishment of systemic acquired resistance Molecular Plant Pathology 

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