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Department of Plant Sciences


Here are the publications that the Department of Plant Sciences has produced since we started keeping a record in late 2015. It is probably not a complete list:


Christian R. Boehm, Minoru Ueda, Yoshiki Nishimura, Toshiharu Shikanai, Jim Haseloff (2015) A Cyan Fluorescent Reporter Expressed from the Chloroplast Genome of Marchantia polymorpha Plant Cell Physiol 

Minguet-Parramona C, Wang Y, Hills A, Vialet-Chabrand S, Griffiths H, Rogers S, Lawson T, Lew V, Blatt MR (2015) An optimal frequency in Ca2+ oscillations for stomatal closure is an emergent property of ion transport in guard cells Plant Physiology 

Bowman JL, Araki T, Arteaga-Vazquez MA, Berger F, Dolan L, Haseloff J, Ishizaki K, Kyozuka J, Lin S-S, Nagasaki H, Nakagami H, Nakajima K, Nakamura Y, Ohashi-Ito K, Sawa S, Shimamura M, Solano R, Tsukaya H, Ueda T, Watanabe Y, Yamato KT, Zachgo S, Kohchi T. (2015) The naming of names: guidelines for gene nomenclature in Marchantia Plant and Cell Physiology 

Reeves G, Hibberd JM (2015) Broadening the Spectrum of Photosynthesis in the grass, Alloteropsis semialata Plant, Cell & Environment 

Fahey TJ, Sherman RE, Tanner EVJ. (2015) Tropical montane cloud forest: environmental drivers of vegetation structure and ecosystem function Journal of Tropical Ecology 

Gardner KA, Wittern LM, Mackay IJ (2015) A highly recombined, high-density, eight-founder wheat MAGIC map reveals extensive segregation distortion and genomic locations of introgression segments. Plant Biotechnology Journal