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The Department has carried out a comprehensive COVID-19 risk assessment process and has opened to allow research work to take place. To ensure the safety of our staff, a range of measures to reduce building occupancy and allow strict social distancing have been introduced, including increased cleaning and hygiene regimes. We are currently not accepting visitors so please continue to contact us by email until further notice.

Department of Plant Sciences

Changing the face of Indian farming

Indian agriculture is expected to feed a growing and increasingly urbanised population. But if everyone wants to move to towns and cities, who is left to farm the land? A new article, written by Jacqueline Garget for Research Horizons magazine, outlines the complex issues facing the adequate supply of nutritious food in one of the world’s most populous countries, and how a new Cambridge-led project will address them.

Professor Howard Griffiths is the PI for the project, called TIGR2ESS: a new, large-scale, multi-partner initiative that has just been awarded £6.9 million funding from the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF). He has just returned from India where he’s been consolidating partnerships for the project. Co-Investigators in the Department of Plant Sciences include Professor Julian Hibberd, who will lead a flagship programme on improving water use and yield stability in rice, and Dr Gita Yadav, who will work with Howard on a flagship programme on enhancing photosynthesis.

Drawing together a formidable network of partners from research, industry, government and NGOs in the UK and India, the project aims to define the requirements for a second, more sustainable Green Revolution in India, and to deliver this through a suite of research programmes, training workshops and educational activities. Partners in Cambridge and India will work together, with over 22 new researchers funded in both countries.

Read the full article here or download the magazine Research Horizons as a pdf.