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List of available projects

Below is a list of available projects in the Department of Plant Sciences and the Sainsbury Laboratory (SLCU). Click here for projects at the National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB).

The projects are organised into Departmental Research Group, title and available funding opportunities.

Some projects will be specifically targeted towards defined UKRI Research Council DTP schemes, as well as being open for applicants applying to the University's Graduate Funding Competition or other sources of funding.

Potential applicants should always approach the potential Supervisor/Group Leader in the first instance to discuss eligibility.

Key to funding opportunities below:

  • BBSRC = BBSRC DTP, iCASE, Targeted
  • GFC = Graduate Funding Competition
  • NERC = Cambridge NERC C-CLEAR DTP
  • OTHER = Other sources of funding


Title Description
Carr Group: Plant Virology: Interactions between viral proteins that affect host resistance to insect vectors GFC / OTHER
Carr Group: Plant Virology: Role of RNA-dependent RNA polymerase in salicylic acid-induced viruses resistance GFC / OTHER
Carr Group: Plant Virology: Effects on plant-pollinator interactions GFC / OTHER
Carr Group: Plant viruses: Effects on drought resilience GFC / OTHER
Coomes Group: How resilient are tropical rainforest to anthropogenic climate change? NERC / GFC / OTHER
Coomes Group: Hyperspectral analysis of plant biodiversity and evolution NERC / GFC / OTHER
Coomes Group: Hyperspectral imaging of disease spread in New Zealand native forests NERC / GFC / OTHER
Coomes Group: Using airborne laser scanning to track the impacts of global change on forest ecosystems NERC / GFC / OTHER
Cunniffe Group: How can landscape structure be used to control crop disease? BBSRC / GFC / OTHER
Cunniffe Group: Tainted Love? Modelling the epidemiology, ecology and evolutionary consequences of pollinator-transmitted plant disease NERC / GFC / OTHER
Cunniffe Group: Using citrus as a model for scaling control of disease at local scales to strategies for regional control BBSRC / GFC / OTHER
Davies Group: Environmental sensing in a marine diatom GFC / OTHER
Glover Group: Development of the light-focusing prism cells of California poppy GFC / OTHER
Glover Group: How to spot a daisy (evolution and development of petal spots) GFC / OTHER
Griffiths Group: predicting tuber dry matter concentration in potato OTHER
Henderson Group: Understanding interactions between genetic diversity and recombination in plant genomes GFC / OTHER
Henderson Group: Unlocking recombination in plant genomes via epigenetic modification GFC / OTHER
Paszkowski Group: Cellular dynamics during invasion by beneficial and pathogenic fungi GFC / OTHER
Paszkowski Group: Root type contribution to phosphate nutrition of rice during asymbiosis and interaction with symbiotic fungi GFC / OTHER
Pellegrini Group: The effect of the interaction between climate change and fire on ecosystem health and productivity in tropical and temperate forests GFC / OTHER
Pellegrini Group: The effect of fire on coniferous forests in the western United States GFC / OTHER
Pellegrini Group: The resilience of savanna ecosystems to changing fire regimes GFC / OTHER
Sainsbury Laboratory (SLCU) Robinson Group: Using biomechanics to uncouple the processes of plant growth GFC / OTHER
Sainsbury Laboratory (SLCU) Schornack Group: The role of GRAS transcription factors in plant microbe interactions and development of the non-vascular plant Marchantia polymorpha (Full PhD project) GFC / OTHER
Sainsbury Laboratory (SLCU) Schornack Group: Contrasting functionality of a glycerol phosphate acyl transferase in roots and shoots (Rotation project) GFC / OTHER
Tanentzap Group: Evolution on the wild side: the predictability of adaptation to global change NERC / GFC / OTHER
Tanentzap Group: Evolutionary ‘omics of adaptation in environmental microbiomes GFC / OTHER
Tanentzap Group: Invisible world: the biogeography of molecular and microbial diversity in European lakes NERC / GFC / OTHER
Tanentzap Group: Thawing Arctic: productivity and sources of carbon cycling in small lakes NERC / GFC / OTHER
Tanentzap Group: The role of algae in the Arctic carbon cycle GFC / OTHER