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List of available projects

Below is a list of available projects in the Department of Plant Sciences and the Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge University (SLCU). Click here for projects at the National Institute of Agricultural of Botany (NIAB).

Some projects will be specifically targeted towards defined UKRI Research Council DTP schemes, as well as being open for applicants applying to the University's Graduate Funding Competition or other sources of funding.

Potential applicants should always approach the potential Supervisor/Group Leader in the first instance to discuss eligibility.

*This list is in the process of being updated over the next few weeks so please do check back*

Title Description
Development of the light-focusing prism cells of California poppy Postgraduate project
How resilient are tropical rainforest to anthropogenic climate change? Postgraduate NERC project
How to spot a daisy (evolution and development of petal spots) Postgraduate project
Hyperspectral analysis of plant biodiversity and evolution Postgraduate NERC project
Hyperspectral imaging of disease spread in New Zealand native forests Postgraduate NERC project
Predicting tuber dry matter concentration in potato Postgraduate studentship project
The contribution of horizontal gene transfer to the evolution of plant-parasitism by nematodes Postgraduate project
Using airborne laser scanning to track the impacts of global change on forest ecosystems Postgraduate NERC project