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Mr Hamish Symington

Postgraduate student
Mr Hamish Symington
Department of Plant Sciences
University of Cambridge
Downing Street

Cambridge CB2 3EA
Office Phone: 01223 330216


Hamish is studying for a PhD on the BBSRC Doctoral Training Programme (DTP).

After an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at Cambridge, graduating in 2002, Hamish worked variously for the University and University Press in various aspects of IT and graphic design. In 2008 he founded a software company designing business systems for photographers. Upon selling his share in the company in 2016, he returned to science on the BBSRC DTP scheme, starting his PhD in October 2017. He is always willing to talk about life as a mature PhD student (and managing a PhD and a toddler!) with anyone interested in applying.

Research Interests

Hamish is interested in pollination and plant-pollinator interactions, and is investigating these using the garden strawberry as a model system. His PhD involves characterising the floral variation between cultivars of strawberry and testing bumblebee responses to extremes of that variation to determine their preferences and inform future plant breeding strategies. 

He is also investigating the molecular basis of flower colour in strawberry and Arabidopsis, and comparing the latter to some species of Aethionema, a genus in the Brassicaceae with cultivars having flowers ranging from light to deep pink.

Other Publications

See publications at Google Scholar.