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As a plant developmental biologist, I am interested in how cells acquire their fate and differentiate to perform their function, in the context of sexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction is an essential process which, in flowering plants, culminates in formation of the seed, our major source of food. Understanding sexual reproduction in plants has potential for both fundamental and applied discoveries. In my group, we seek to elucidate the mechanisms by which plant germ cells acquire a reproductive fate and sexual identity to produce male and female spores. We also aim to identify the developmental controls that regulate meiosis, the specialized cell division during which parental chromosomes recombine to produce genetically distinct cells, and the function of chromatin in this process. We combine the power of genetics and cytology, with novel approaches to study cell type-specific functions and attributes to unravel the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms that ensure proper transmission of the genome to the next generation.

Previous positions

2020-present Lecturer (unestablished), Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge
2019-present Assistant Features Editor at The Plant Cell
2016-2020 DBT-Cambridge Lecturer (unestablished) Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad, India, Department of Plant Sciences, Cambridge, UK
2007-2016 Postdoctoral Fellow, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad, India


2003-2006 PhD in Plant Genetics, École normale supérieure de Lyon
2002-2003 Masters of Genetics, Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines

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Head of Development and Reproduction Group
DBT-Cambridge Lecturer
Dr Sebastien  Andreuzza

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