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Mr Matheus H Nunes

Postgraduate Student
Mr Matheus H Nunes
Department of Plant Sciences
University of Cambridge
Downing Street

Cambridge CB2 3EA
Office Phone: 01223 (7)64736


Matheus is a PhD student in the Forest Ecology and Conservation group within the Plant Sciences department at the University of Cambridge. His research uses remote sensing and field surveys to understand how global changes affect forests in the temperate and tropical regions. His current project revolves around the use of LiDAR and spectroscopy to investigate how climate change combined with oil palm expansion in Borneo affect tree canopies and ecosystem functioning.

He majored in Forest Engineering in the University of Lavras, Brazil, obtained a master's degree in Forest Management at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, and completed his studies in the Biometric and Spatial Analysis Lab at the University of California, Berkeley, as graduate scholar.  

Key Publications

Nunes, M.H., Ewers, R.M., Turner, E.C. and Coomes, D.A., 2017. Mapping Aboveground Carbon in Oil Palm Plantations Using LiDAR: A Comparison of Tree-Centric versus Area-Based Approaches. Remote Sensing9(8), p.816.

Nunes, M.H., Davey, M.P. and Coomes, D.A., 2017. On the challenges of using field spectroscopy to measure the impact of soil type on leaf traits. Biogeosciences14(13), p.3371.

Nunes, M.H., Terra, M.D.C.N.S., Oliveira, I.R.C.D. and van den Berg, E., 2017. The influence of disturbance on driving carbon stocks and tree dynamics of riparian forests in Cerrado. Journal of Plant Ecology.

Nunes, M.H. and Görgens, E.B., 2016. Artificial Intelligence Procedures for Tree Taper Estimation within a Complex Vegetation Mosaic in Brazil. PloS one11(5), p.e0154738.

Other Publications

Jucker, T. et al., 2018. Ten‐year assessment of the 100 priority questions for global biodiversity conservation. Conservation Biology.

Rose, D. C. et al., 2018. The major barriers to evidence‐informed conservation policy and possible solutions. Conservation Letters, e12564.

Terra, M. D. C. N. S. et al., 2018. Stemflow in a neotropical forest remnant: vegetative determinants, spatial distribution and correlation with soil moisture. Trees32(1), 323-335.

Görgens, E. B. et al., 2016. Characterization of Brazilian forest types utilizing canopy height profiles derived from airborne laser scanning. Applied Vegetation Science.


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