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Mr Itsuhiro Ko

Postgraduate Student
Mr Itsuhiro Ko
Department of Plant Sciences
University of Cambridge
Downing Street

Cambridge CB2 3EA
Office Phone: 01223 748969


I studied Plant Science at Pennsylvania State University as an undergraduate, graduated in 2020. During the undergraduate, I had participated in lots of research projects, mycorrhizal fungi colonization, parasitoid behavior, greenhouse management, Arabidopsis epigenome, etc.

In 2016, I joined the lab of Dr. dePamphilis W. Claude, Huck Institution of Life Science, to research the horizontal gene transfer event in parasitic plants. Since then, I have a strong interest to understand the mechanism of HGT and transposon involved in plants.

I'm now using the bioinformatic and molecular biology methods to study the HGT event in the sweet beet cyst nematode, Heterodera schachtti, in the lab of Dr. Sebastian Eves van-den Akker. I'm excited about to understand whether a plant parasitic nematode could acquire the genes from its host.

Other than the plant, I also hold a minor degree of Entrepreneurship at Penn State and want to start up a new venture involved in biotechnology, agriculture, and horticulture. Feel free to talk to me if you have any cool idea or any questions.

btw I'm trilingual! (English, Japanese, and Chinese)

The Department has carried out a comprehensive COVID-19 risk assessment process and has opened to allow research work to take place. To ensure the safety of our staff, a range of measures to reduce building occupancy and allow strict social distancing have been introduced, including increased cleaning and hygiene regimes. We are currently not accepting visitors so please continue to contact us by email until further notice.