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Department of Plant Sciences



Our research includes:

  • Assessing the impact of land-use change on carbon and biodiversity using LiDAR and hyperspectral sensing
  • Measuring carbon storage in forests using airborne and space-borne technologies
  • Evaluating the success of carbon projects aimed at reducing deforestation in developing countries¬†
  • Researching the effects of introduced organisms on forest communities and developing control strategies
  • Species distribution modelling to understand the effects on climate change on biological diversity and trait evolution
  • Developing new biological scaling theories, and confirming their significance by statistical analyses of forest inventory data
  • Simulation modelling to examine the responses of forests to environmental change

Interested in doing a PhD?  Click the second web link above for projects currently advertised (deadline 5th January including references)

Head of Group, Director of the University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute
Professor David  Coomes