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Prior to working at Cambridge, John Carr worked at the University of Utah Medical School in Salt Lake City and The Waksman Institute of Microbiology Rutgers University in New Jersey with Dan Klessig and at Cornell University's Department of Plant Pathology in Ithaca New York with Milton Zaitlin. He studied at the University of Liverpool with Mike Wilson and at Rothamsted Research with John Antoniw and Ray White.


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'Microbiology Today' the newsletter of the Microbiology Society has a feature on the Carr Group's work in sub-Saharan Africa.

Current Opinion in Virology issue on Engineering for Viral Resistance edited by John P Carr and Peter Palukaitis in memoriam of Professor Milton Zaitlin

MPMI Focus Issue on Noncoding RNA  edited by John P Carr and Steven A. Whitham in memoriam of Professor Biao Ding

'Cabbages and cows' news item

Royal Horticultural Society 

Survey of viruses affecting Solanum species in UK gardens

Plant-Virus-Insect Interactions


Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions Focus Issue on Translational Research:


Cambridge in Africa

Attack of the aphids

Could virus infection of plants affect plant-pollinator interactions?



Key publications: 

Research Papers 

Tungadi, T., Watt, L.G., Groen, S.C., Murphy, A.M., Du, Z., Pate, A.E., Westwood, J.H., Fennell, T.G., Powell, G., and Carr, J.P. (2021). Infection of arabidopsis by cucumber mosaic virus triggers jasmonate-dependent resistance to aphids that relies partly on the pattern-triggered immunity factor BAK1. Molecular Plant Pathology LINK

Adenka, K.D., Fening, K.O., Afreh-Nuamah. K., Wamonje, F.O., and Carr, J.P. (2021). Susceptibility of five cabbage varieties to attack by aphids (Hemiptera: Aphididae) in the Accra plains of Ghana. Phytoparasitica 49:33–47. LINK

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Poon, J.S.Y, Le Fevre, R.E., Carr, J.P., Hanke, D.E, and Murphy, A.M. (2020) Inositol-6-phosphate is a key factor underpinning PAMP-triggered immunity to Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato in Arabidopsis thaliana but is dispensable for establishment of systemic acquired resistance. Molecular Plant Pathology 21:376-387 View Online

Tungadi, T., Donnelly, R., Qing, L., Iqbal, J., Murphy, A.M., Pate, A.E., Cunniffe, N.J., and Carr, J.P. (2020). Cucumber mosaic virus 2b proteins inhibit virus-induced aphid resistance in tobacco. Molecular Plant Pathology 21: 250-257 View Online

Yuan, W., Jiang, T., Du, K., Chen, H., Cao, Y., Xie, J., Li, M., Carr, J.P., Wu, B., Fan, Z., and Zhou, T. (2019). Maize phenylalanine ammonia-lyases contribute to resistance to Sugarcane mosaic virus infection likely by positively regulating salicylic acid accumulation. Molecular Plant Pathology 20:1365-1378 View Online

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Also see K.A. White News and Views view online

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Other publications: 

Reviews & Book Chapters

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