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Dr Sebastien Andreuzza

DBT-Cambridge Lecturer
Dr Sebastien Andreuzza
Department of Plant Sciences
University of Cambridge
Downing Street

Cambridge CB2 3EA
Office Phone: 01223 330449


The DBT-Cambridge Lectureship scheme aims at strengthening scientific ties between the University of Cambridge and research institutes in India. Research in the Andreuzza group is interested in understanding the mechanisms of plant sexual reproduction. This essential process conditions the production of seeds, which represent the main source of food for mankind. Increasing our fundamental knowledge of plant reproduction will result in applications to improve crop breeding programmes, and enhance global food security.

This scheme provides us with a unique opportunity for collaborations to realize key advances in the field.

The University has moved into its "red" phase in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. All University staff, except those needed for business-critical activity, are now working remotely. Please contact us by email until further notice.