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Department of Plant Sciences


Here are the publications that the Department of Plant Sciences has produced since we started keeping a record in late 2015. It is probably not a complete list:


Lopez-Nieves S, Yang Y, Timoneda A, Wang M, Feng T, Smith SA, Brockington SF, Maeda HA. (2018) Relaxation of tyrosine pathway regulation underlies the evolution of betalain pigmentation in Caryophyllales New Phytologist 

Fattorini R, Glover BJ. (2018) Joining the dots Nature Plants 

Hubbard KE, Dunbar SD. (2018) Perceptions of scientific research literature and strategies for reading papers depend on academic career stage Plos One 

Priya P, Yadav A, Chand J, Yadav G. (2018) Terzyme: a tool for identification and analysis of the plant terpenome Plant Methods 

Pollak B, Cerda A, Delmans M, Álamos S, Moyano T, West A, Gutiérrez RA, Patron N, Federici F, Haseloff J. (2018) Loop Assembly: a simple and open system for recursive fabrication of DNA circuits New Phytologist 

Kirschner S, Woodfield H, Prusko K, Koczor M, Gowik U, Hibberd JM, Westhoff P. (2018) Expression of SULTR2;2 in the Arabidopsis bundle sheath is mediated by a highly conserved positive regulator bioRxiv 

Borba AR, Serra TS, Gorska A, Gouveia P, Cordeiro AM, Reyna-Llorens I, Knerova J, Barros PM, Abreu IA, Oliveira MMO, Hibberd JM, Saibo NJM. (2018) Synergistic binding of bHLH transcription factors to the promoter of the maize NADP-ME gene used in C4 photosynthesis is based on an ancient code found in the ancestral C3 state bioRxiv 

Reeves G, Singh P, Rossberg TA, Sogbohossou D, Schranz E, Hibberd J. (2018) Quantitative variation within a species for traits underpinning C4 photosynthesis bioRxiv 

Cullen E, Fernández-Mazuecos M, Glover BJ. (2018) Evolution of nectar spur length in a clade of Linaria reflects changes in cell division rather than in cell expansion Annals of Botany 

Elderfield JA, Lopez Ruiz F, van den Bosch F, Cunniffe NJ. (2018) Using epidemiological principles to explain fungicide resistance management tactics: why do mixtures outperform alternations? Phytopathology 

Reyna-Llorens I, Burgess SJ, Reeves G, Singh P, Stevenson SR, Williams BP, Stanley S, Hibberd JM. (2018) Ancient duons may underpin spatial patterning of gene expression in C4 leaves PNAS 

Melnyk CW, Gabel A, Hardcastle TJ, Robinson S, Miyashima S, Grosse I, Meyerowitz EM. (2018) Transcriptome dynamics at Arabidopsis graft junctions reveal an intertissue recognition mechanism that activates vascular regeneration PNAS 

Thompson RN, Gilligan CA, Cunniffe NJ. (2018) Control fast or control smart: When should invading pathogens be controlled? PLOS Computational Biology 

Serra H, Lambing C, Griffin CH, Topp SD, Nageswaran DC, Underwood CJ, Ziolkowski PA, Séguéla-Arnaud M, Fernandes J, Mercier R, Henderson IR. (2018) Massive crossover elevation via combination of HEI10 and recq4a recq4b during Arabidopsis meiosis. PNAS  

Bailes EJ, Pattrick JG, Glover BJ. (2018) An analysis of the energetic reward offered by field bean (Vicia faba) flowers: Nectar, pollen, and operative force Ecology and Evolution 

Boehm CR, Grant PK, Haseloff J. (2018) Programmed hierarchical patterning of bacterial populations Nature Communications 

Peaudecerf FJ, Bunbury F, Bhardwaj V, Bees MA, Smith AG, Goldstein RE, Croze OA. (2018) Microbial mutualism at a distance: The role of geometry in diffusive exchanges Physics Review E 

Jurić I, Hibberd JM, Blatt M, Burroughs NJ. (2018) Spatial photosynthesis modelling sets guidelines to constructing a viable single-cell cytoplasm-to-stroma C4 cycle bioRxiv 

Schnabel J, Hombach P, Waksman T, Giuriani G, Petersen J, Christie JM. (2018) A Chemical Genetic Approach to Engineer Phototropin Kinases for Substrate Labeling Journal of Biological Chemistry 10.1074/jbc.RA118.001834 

Huete-Ortega M, Okurowska K, Kapoore RV, Johnson MP, Gilmour DJ, Vaidyanathan S. (2018) Effect of ammonium and high light intensity on the accumulation of lipids in Nannochloropsis oceanica and Phaeodactylum tricornutum Biotechnology for Biofuels 

Choi K, Zhao X, Tock AJ, Lambing C, Underwood CJ, Hardcastle TJ, Serra AH, Kim J, Seob Cho H, Kim J, Ziolkowski PA, Yelina NE, Hwang I, Martienssen RA, Henderson IR. (2018) Nucleosomes and DNA methylation shape meiotic DSB frequency in Arabidopsis thaliana transposons and gene regulatory regions  Genome Research  

Underwood CJ, Choi K, Lambing C, Zhao X, Serra H, Borges F, Simorowski J, Ernst E, Jacob Y, Henderson IR, Martienssen RA. (2018) Epigenetic activation of meiotic recombination near Arabidopsis thaliana centromeres via loss of H3K9me2 and non-CG DNA methylation  Genome Research 

Peaudecerf FJ, Bunbury F, Bhardwaj V, Bees MA, Smith AG, Goldstein RE, Croze OA. (2018) Microbial mutualism at a distance: The role of geometry in diffusive exchanges Physical Review E 

Gouil Q, Baulcombe DC. (2018) Paramutation-like features of multiple natural epialleles in tomato BMC Genomics 

Serra H, Choi K, Zhao X, Blackwell A, Henderson I. (2018) Interhomolog polymorphism shapes meiotic crossover within RAC1 and RPP13 disease resistance genes bioRxiv 

Carella P, Gogleva A, Tomaselli M, Alfs C. Schornack S. (2018) Phytophthora palmivora establishes tissue-specific intracellular infection structures in the earliest divergent land plant lineage PNAS 

Borba AR, Serra TS, Górska A, Gouveia P, Cordeiro AM, Reyna-Llorens I, Kneřová J, Barros PM, Abreu IA, Oliveira MM, Hibberd JM, Saibo NJM. (2018) Synergistic binding of bHLH transcription factors to the promoter of the maize NADP-ME gene used in C4 photosynthesis is based on an ancient code found in the ancestral C3 state  Molecular Biology and Evolution 

Cosiaux A, Gardiner LM, Stauffer FW, Bachman SP, Sonké B, Baker WJ, Couvreur TLP. (2018) Low extinction risk for an important plant resource: Conservation assessments of continental African palms (Arecaceae/Palmae) Biological Conservation 

Wang L, Wilkins KA, Davies JM. (2018) Arabidopsis DORN1 extracellular ATP receptor; activation of plasma membrane K+‐and Ca2+‐permeable conductances New Phytologist 

Jucker T, Bongalov B, Burslem DFRP, Nilus R, Dalponte M, Lewis SL, Phillips OL, Qie L, Coomes DA. (2018) Topography shapes the structure, composition and function of tropical forest landscapes Ecology Letters 

Sawers RJH, Ramírez‐Flores MR, Olalde‐Portugal V, Paszkowski U. (2018) The impact of domestication and crop improvement on arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis in cereals: insights from genetics and genomics  New Phytologist 

Reeves G, Singh P, Rossberg TA, Sogbohossou D, Schranz ME, Hibberd JM. (2018) Natural variation within a species for traits underpinning C4 photosynthesis Plant Physiology 

Hardcastle TJ, Müller SY, Baulcombe DC. (2018) Towards annotating the plant epigenome: the Arabidopsis thaliana small RNA locus map Scientific Reports 

Yu Z, Boehm CR, Hibberd JM, Abell C, Haseloff J, Burgess SJ, Reyna-Llorens I. (2018) Droplet-based microfluidic analysis and screening of single plant cells PLOS one 

Emilson EJS, Carson MA, Yakimovich KM, Osterholz H, Dittmar T, Gunn JM, Mykytczuk NCS, Basiliko N, Tanentzap AJ. (2018) Climate-driven shifts in sediment chemistry enhance methane production in northern lakes Nature Communications 

Fernández-Mazuecos M, Ferrer-Gallego PP, Miguel M, Glover BJ, Sáez L. (2018) A synopsis of the Iberian clade of Linaria subsect. Versicolores (Antirrhineae, Plantaginaceae) based on integrative taxonomy Plant Systematics and Evolution 

Wilts BD, Rudall PJ, Moyroud E, Gregory T, Ogawa Y, Vignolini S, Steiner U, Glover BJ. (2018) Ultrastructure and optics of the prism‐like petal epidermal cells of Eschscholzia californica (California poppy)  New Phytologist 

Craig AP, Cunniffe NJ, Parry M, Laranjeira FF, Gilligan CA. (2018) Grower and regulator conflict in management of the citrus disease Huanglongbing in Brazil: A modelling study Journal of Applied Ecology 

Sheldrake M, Rosenstock NP, Mangan S, Revillini D, Sayer EJ, Olsson PA, Verbruggen E, Tanner EVJ, Turner BL, Wright SJ. (2018) Responses of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi to long-term inorganic and organic nutrient addition in a lowland tropical forest The ISME Journal 

Reeves G, Singh P, Rossberg TA, Sogbohossou EOD, Schranz ME, Hibberd JM. (2018) Natural Variation within a Species for Traits Underpinning C4 Photosynthesis Plant Physiology 

Tanentzap AJ, Monks A. (2018) Making the mast of a rainy day: environmental constraints can synchronize mass seeding across populations  New Phytologist 

Ridley CJA, Parker BM, Norman L, Schlarb-Ridley B, Dennis R, Jamieson AE, Clark D, Skill SC, Smith AG, Davey MP. (2018) Growth of microalgae using nitrate-rich brine wash from the water industry Algal Research 

Bailes EJ, Glover BJ. (2018) Intraspecific variation in the petal epidermal cell morphology of Vicia faba L. (Fabaceae) Flora 

Jucker T, Wintle B, Shackelford G, Bocquillon P, Laurens Geffert J, Kasoar T, Kovacs E, Mumby HS, Orland C, Schleicher J, Tew ER, Zabala A, Amano T, Bell A, Bongalov B, Chambers JM, Corrigan C, Durán AP, Duvic-Paoli L, Emilson C, Fonseca da Silva J, Garnett EE, Green EJ, Guth MK, Hacket-Pain A, Hinsley A, Igea J, Kunz M, Luke SH, Lynam W, Martin PA, Nunes MH, Ockendon N, Pavitt A, Payne CLR, Plutshack V, Rademacher TT, Robertson RJ, Rose DC, Serban A, Simmons BI, Emilson EJS, Tayleur C, Wordley CFR, Mukherjee N. (2018) Ten‐year assessment of the 100 priority questions for global biodiversity conservation Conservation Biology 

Waldie T, Leyser O. (2018) Cytokinin Targets Auxin Transport to Promote Shoot Branching Plant Physiology 

Downie RC, Bouvet L, Furuki E, Gosman N, Gardner KA, Mackay IJ, Campos Mantello C, Mellers G, Phan Huyen TT, Rose GA, Tan K-C, Oliver RP, Cockram J. (2018) Assessing European Wheat Sensitivities to Parastagonospora nodorum Necrotrophic Effectors and Fine-Mapping the Snn3-B1 Locus Conferring Sensitivity to the Effector SnTox3 Frontiers in Plant Science 

Elderfield JAD, Lopez-Ruiz FJ,van den Bosch F, Cunniffe NJ. (2018) Using Epidemiological Principles to Explain Fungicide Resistance Management Tactics: Why do Mixtures Outperform Alternations? Phytopathology 

Hearn TJ, Marti MC, Abdul-Awal SM, Wimalasekera R, Stanton CR, Haydon MJ, Theodoulou FL, Hannah MA, Webb AA. (2018) BIG regulates dynamic adjustment of circadian period in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Physiology 

Gateau-Rey L, Tanner EVJ, Rapidel B, Marelli J, Royaert S. (2018) Climate change could threaten cocoa production: Effects of (2015)-16 El Niño-related drought on cocoa agroforests in Bahia, Brazil PLOS One 

Kirschner S, Woodfield H, Prusko K, Koczor M, Gowik U, Hibberd JM, Westhoff P. (2018) Expression of SULTR2;2 in the Arabidopsis bundle sheath and vein cells is mediated by a positive regulator. Journal of Experimental Botany 

Carr JP, Murphy AM, Tungadi T. Yoon J-Y. (2018) Plant defense signals: Players and pawns in plant-virus-vector interactions Plant Science 

Knerova J, Dickinson PJ, Szecowka M, Burgess SJ, Mulvey H, Bagman A-M, Gaudinier A, Brady SM, Hibberd JM. (2018) A single cis-element that controls cell-type specific expression in Arabidopsis bioRxiv 

Frank A, Matiolli CC, Viana AJC, Hearn TJ, Kusakina J, Belbin FE, Wells Newman D, Yochikawa A, Cano-Ramirez DL, Chembath A, Cragg-Barber K, Haydon MJ, Hotta CT, Vincentz M, Webb AAR, Dodd AN. (2018) Circadian Entrainment in Arabidopsis by the Sugar-Responsive Transcription Factor bZIP63 Current Biology 

Espada M, Eves-van den Akker S, Maier T, Paramasivan V, Baum T, Mota M, Jones JT. (2018) STATAWAARS: a promoter motif associated with spatial expression in the major effector-producing tissues of the plant-parasitic nematode Bursaphelenchus xylophilus BMC Genomics 

Chavez VA, Gilligan CA, van den Bosch F. (2018) Variability in commercial demand for tree saplings affects the probability of introducing exotic forest diseases Journal of Applied Ecology 

Martí Ruiz MC, Hubbard KE, Gardner MJ, Jung HJ, Aubry S, Hotta CT, Mohd-Noh NI, Robertson FC, Hearn TJ, Tsai Y, Dodd AN, Hannah M, Carré IA, Davies JM, Braam J, Webb AAR. (2018) Circadian oscillations of cytosolic free calcium regulate the Arabidopsis circadian clock Nature 

Jones LM, Eves-van den Akker S, van-Oosten Hawle P, Atkinson HJ, Urwin PE. (2018) Duplication of hsp-110 Is Implicated in Differential Success of Globodera Species under Climate Change Molecular Biology and Evolution

Thorpe P, Escudero-Martinez CM, Cock PJA, Eves-van den Akker S, Bos JIB. (2018) Shared transcriptional control and disparate gain and loss of aphid parasitism genes Genome Biology and Evolution 

Ohara T, Hearn TJ, Webb AAR, Satake A. (2018) Gene regulatory network models in response to photosynthetic sugars in the plant circadian system. Journal of Theoretical Biology 

Wang Z, Hardcastle TJ, Canto Pastor A, Yup, WH, Tang S, Baulcombe DC. (2018) A novel DCL2-dependent miRNA pathway in tomato affects susceptibility to RNA viruses Genes and Development

Bussell EH, Dangerfield CE, Gilligan CA, Cunniffe NJ. (2019) Applying optimal control theory to complex epidemiological models to inform real-world disease management The Royal Society 

Lilley CJ, Maqbool A, Wu D, Yusup HB, Jones LM, Birch PRJ, Banfield MJ, Urwin PE, Eves-van den Akker S. (2018) Effector gene birth in plant parasitic nematodes: Neofunctionalization of a housekeeping glutathione synthetase gene PLOS Genetics

Orland C, Emilson EJS, Basiliko N, Mykytczuk NCS, Gunn JM, Tanentzap AJ. (2018) Microbiome functioning depends on individual and interactive effects of the environment and community structure ISME Journal 

Fitch A, Orland C, Willer D, Emilson EJS, Tanentsap AJ. (2018) Feasting on terrestrial organic matter: Dining in a dark lake changes microbial decomposition Global Change Biology 

Cooper MB, Kazamia E, Helliwell KE, Kudahl UK, Sayer A, Wheeler GL, Smith AG. (2018) Cross-exchange of B-vitamins underpins a mutualistic interaction between Ostreococcus tauri and Dinoroseobacter shibae ISME 

Montero H, Choi J, Paszkowski U. (2018) Arbuscular mycorrhizal phenotyping: the dos and don'ts New Phytologist 

Burd K, Tank SE, Dion N, Quinton WL, Spence C, Tanentzap AJ, Olefeldt D. (2018) Seasonal shifts in export of DOC and nutrients from burned and unburned peatland-rich catchments, Northwest Territories, Canada Hydrology and Earth System Science 

Milbank C, Coomes D, Vira B. (2018) Assessing the Progress of REDD+ Projects towards the Sustainable Development Goals Forests 

Jucker TS, Hardwick SR, Both S, Elias DMO, Ewers RM, Milodowski DT, Swinfield T, Coomes DA. (2018) Canopy structure and topography jointly constrain the microclimate of human‐modified tropical landscapes Global Change Biology 

Kan A, Del Valle I, Rudge T, Federici F, Haseloff J. (2018) Intercellular adhesion promotes clonal mixing in growing bacterial populations Journal of the Royal Society Interface.  

Tanentzap AJ, Smith Bethany R. (2018) Unintentional rewilding: lessons for trophic rewilding from other forms of species introductions The Royal Society  

Airoldi CA, Ferria J, Glover BJ. (2018) The cellular and genetic basis of structural colour in plants Current Opinion in Plant Biology 

Wang N, Yang Y, Moore MJ, Brockington SF, Walker JF, Brown JW, Liang B, Feng T, Edwards C, Mikenas J, Olivieri J. (2018) Evolution of Portulacineae marked by gene tree conflict and gene family expansion associated with adaptation to harsh environments  Molecular Biology and Evolution 

Nedbal J, Cotleur B, Gagnon D, Litwin V, Molloy J, Ohlsson-Wilhelm B. (2018) CYTO Lab Hacks: Inspiring innovation in cytometry through open collaboration PeerJ Preprints 

Tock AJ, Henderson IR. (2018) Hotspots for Initiation of Meiotic Recombination Frontiers in Genetics 

Roth R, Ciapello M, Montero H, Gehrig P, Grossmann J, O'Holleran K, Hartken D, Walters F, Yang S-Y, Hillmer S, Schumacher K, Bowden S, Craze M, Wallington EJ, Miyao A, Sawers R, Martinoia E, Paszkowski U. (2018) A rice Serine/Threonine receptor-like kinase regulates arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis at the peri-arbuscular membrane Nature Communications 

Yakimovich KM, Emilson EJS,  Carson MA, Tanentzap AJ, Basiliko N, Mykytczuk NCS. (2018) Plant litter type dictates microbial communities responsible for greenhouse gas production in amended lake sediments Frontiers in Microbiology 

Charman DJ, Amesbury MJ, Roland TP, Rolyes J, Hodgson DA, Convey P, Griffiths H. (2018) Spatially coherent late Holocene Antarctic Peninsula surface air temperature variability Geology 

Adnan S, Maltamo M, Coomes DA, Garcia-Abril A, Malhi Y, Manzanera JA, Butt N, Morecroft M, Valbuena R. (2019) A simple approach to forest structure classification using airborne laser scanning that can be adopted across bioregions Forest Ecology and Management 

Davey MP, Palmer BG, Armitage E, Vergeer P, Kunin WE, Woodward FI, Quick WP. (2018) Natural variation in tolerance to sub-zero temperatures among populations of Arabidopsis lyrata ssp. Petraea BMC Plant Biology 

Rusak JA, Tanentzap AJ, Klug LJ, Rose KC, Hendricks SP, Jennings E, Laas A, Pierson D, Ryder E, Smyth RL, White DS, Winslow LA, Adrian R, Arvola L, de Eyto E, Feuchtmayr H, Honti M, Istvánovics V,  Jones ID, McBride CG, Schmidt SR, Seekell D, Staehr PA, Zhu G. (2018) Wind and trophic status explain within and among‐lake variability of algal biomass Limnology and Oceanography 

Timoneda A, Sheehan H, Feng T, Lopez-Nieves S, Maeda HA, Brockington S. (2018) Redirecting Primary Metabolism to Boost Production of Tyrosine-Derived Specialised Metabolites in Planta Scientific Reports 

Mutuku JM, Wamonje FO, Mukushimana G, Njuguna J, Wamalwa M, Choi S-K, Tungadi T, Djikeng A, Kelly K, Domelevo Entfellner J-B, Ghimire SR, Mignouna HD, Carr JP, Harvey JJW. (2018) Metagenomic Analysis of Plant Virus Occurrence in Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) in Central Kenya Frontiers in Microbiology 

Pucker B, Brockington S. (2018) Genome-wide analyses supported by RNA-Seq reveal non-canonical splice sites in plant genomes BMC Genomics 

Serra H, Choi K, Zhao X, Blackwell AR, Kim J, Henderson IR. (2018) Interhomolog polymorphism shapes meiotic crossover within the Arabidopsis RAC1 and RPP13 disease resistance genes PLOS Genetics 

Fernández‐Mazuecos M, Blanco-Pastor JL, Juan A, Carnicero P, Forrest A, Alarcón M, Vargas P, Glover BJ. (2018) Macroevolutionary dynamics of nectar spurs, a key evolutionary innovation New Phytologist 

Liu J, Coomes DA, Hu G, Liu J, Yu J, Luo Y, Yu M. (2018) Larger fragments have more late-successional species of woody plants than smaller fragments after 50 years of secondary succession Journal of Ecology 

Mitchell SL, Edwards DP, Bernard H, Coomes DA, Jucker T, Davies ZG, Struebig MJ (2018) Riparian reserves help protect forest bird communities in oil palm dominated landscapes Journal of Applied Ecology 

Syfert MM, Brummitt NA, Coomes DA, Bystriakova N, Smith MJ. (2018) Inferring diversity patterns along an elevation gradient from stacked SDMs: A case study on Mesoamerican ferns Global Ecology and Conservation 

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