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Publications - 2020

Here are the publications that the Department of Plant Sciences has produced since we started keeping a record in late 2015.  It is probably not a complete list:


Carr JP, Tungadi T, Donnelly R, Bravo-Cazar A, Rhee S-J, Watt LG, Mutuku M, Wamonje FO, Murphy AM, Arinatwe W, Pate AE, Cunniffe NJ, Gilligan CA. (2020) Modelling and manipulation of aphid-mediated spread of non-persistently transmitted viruses. Virus Research

Matthus E, Sun J, Wang L, Bhat MG, Mohammad-Sidik AB, Wilkins KA, Leblanc-Fournier N, Legué V, Moulia B, Stacey G, Davies JM. (2020) DORN1/P2K1 and purino-calcium signalling in plants: making waves with extracellular ATP. Annals of Botany

Bentley L, Coomes DA. (2020) Partial river flow recovery with forest age is rare in the decades following establishment. Global Change Biology

Pattrick JG, Symington HA, Federle W, Glover BJ. (2020) The mechanics of nectar offloading in the bumblebee Bombus terrestris and implications for optimal concentrations during nectar foraging. Journal of the Royal Society Interface.

Hearn TJ, Webb AAR. (2020) Recent advances in understanding regulation of the Arabidopsis circadian clock by local cellular environment. F1000Research

Wamonje FO, Donnelly R, Tungadi TD, Murphy AM, Pate AE, Woodcock C, Caulfield J, Mutuku M, Bruce TJA, Gilligan CA, Pickett JA, Carr JP. (2020) Different Plant Viruses Induce Changes in Feeding Behavior of Specialist and Generalist Aphids on Common Bean That Are Likely to Enhance Virus Transmission. Frontiers In Plant Science

Urban L, Holzer A, Barona JJ, Hall M, Braeuninger-Weimer P, Scherm MJ, Kunz DJ, Perera SN, Martin-Herranz DE, Tipper ET, Salter SJ, Stammnitz MR. (2020) Freshwater monitoring by nanopore sequencing. bioRxiv

Lambing C, Tock AJ, Topp SD, Choi K, Kuo PC, Zhao X, Osman K, Higgins J, Franklin FCH, Henderson IR. (2020) Interacting genomic landscapes of REC8-cohesin, chromatin and meiotic recombination in Arabidopsis thaliana. The Plant Cell

Igea J, Tanentzap AJ. (2020) Angiosperm speciation cools down in the tropics. Ecology Letters

Luginbuehl LH, El-Sharnouby S, Wang N, Hibberd JM. (2020) Fluorescent reporters for functional analysis in rice leaves. Plant Direct

Chomthong M, Griffiths H. (2020) Model approaches to advance Crassulacean Acid Metabolism system integration. The Plant Journal

Chiu CH, Paszkowski U. (2020) Receptor-like kinases sustain symbiotic scrutiny. Plant Physiology

Singh P, Reeves G. (2020) Constructing the bundle sheath towards enhanced photosynthesis. Journal of Experimental Botany

Sauret-Gueto S, Frangedakis E, Silvestri L, Rebmann M, Tomaselli M, Markel K, Delmans M, West A, Patron NJ, Haseloff J. (2020) Systematic tools for reprogramming plant gene expression in a simple model, Marchantia polymorpha. bioRxiv

Shapcott A, James H, Simmons L, Shimizu Y, Gardiner L, Rabehevitra D, Letsara R, Cable S, Dransfield J, Baker WJ, Rakotoarinivo M. (2020) Population modelling and genetics of a critically endangered Madagascan palm Tahina spectabilis. Ecology and Evolution

Bunbury F, Helliwell KE, Mehrshahi P, Davey MP, Salmon D, Holzer A, Smirnoff N, Smith AG. (2020) Physiological and Molecular Responses of a Newly Evolved Auxotroph of Chlamydomonas to B12 Deprivation. Plant Physiology

McGonigle DF, Noari GR, Phillips RL, Aynekulu E, Estrada-Carmona N, Jones SJ, Koziell I, Luedeling E, Remans R, Shepherd K, Wilberg D, Whitney C, Zhang W. (2020) A Knowledge Brokering Framework for Integrated Landscape Management. Front. Sustain. Food Syst

Wang Z, Baulcombe DC. (2020) Transposon age and non-CG methylation. Nature Communications

Pellegrini AFA, Hobbie SE, Reigh PB, Jumpponen A, Brookshire ENJ, Caprio AC, Ccoetsee C, Jakson RB. (2020) Repeated fire shifts carbon and nitrogen cycling by changing plant inputs and soil decomposition across ecosystems. Ecological Monographs

Sauret-Gueto S. (2020) Generating FAIR — Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable — Resources with Marchantia, a Prototype for Plant Synthetic Biology. Benchtalk

Li F, Nishiyama T, Waller M, Frangedakis E. et al. (2020) Anthoceros genomes illuminate the origin of land plants and the unique biology of hornworts. Nature Plants

Donnelly R, Sikazwe GW, Gilligan CA. (2020) Estimating epidemiological parameters from experiments in vector access to host plants, the method of matching gradients. PLOS Computational Biology

Bussell EH, Cunniffe NJ. (2020) Applying optimal control theory to a spatial simulation model of sudden oak death: ongoing surveillance protects tanoak while conserving biodiversity. Journal of the Royal Society Interface

Oldroyd GED, Leyser O. (2020) A plant’s diet, surviving in a variable nutrient environment. Science

Fening KO, Forchibe EE, Wamonje FO, Adama I, Afreh-Nuamah K, Carr JP. (2020) First Report and Distribution of the Indian Mustard Aphid, Lipaphis erysimi pseudobrassicae (Hemiptera: Aphididae) . Journal of Economic Entomology

Corrêa RL, Sanz-Carbonell A, Kogej Z, Müller SY, Ambrós S, López-Gomollón S, Gómez G, Baulcombe DC, Elena SF. (2020) Viral Fitness Determines the Magnitude of Transcriptomic and Epigenomic Reprogramming of Defense Responses in Plants. Molecular Biology and Evolution

Müller L, Mombaerts L, Pankin A, Davis SJ, Webb AAR, Goncalves J, von Korff M. (2020) Differential effects of day-night cues and the circadian clock on the barley transcriptome. Plant Physiology

van de Kerkhof GT, Schertel L, Poon R, Jacucci G, Glover BJ, Vignolini S. (2020) Disordered wax platelets on Tradescantia pallida leaves create golden shine. Faraday Discussions

Murphy AM, Zhou T, Carr JP. (2020) An update on salicylic acid biosynthesis, its induction and potential exploitation by plant viruses. Current Opinion in Virology

Wangpraseurt D, You S, Azam F, Jacucci G, Gaidarenko O, Hildebrand M, Kühl M, Smith AG, Davey MP, Smith A, Deheyn DD, Chen S, Vignolini S. (2020) Bionic 3D printed corals. Nature Communications

Thompson RN, Cunniffe NJ. (2020) The probability of detection of SARS-CoV-2 in saliva. Statistical Methods in Medical Research

Smith AG et al (2020) What are Algae?. EABA Position Paper

Choi J, Lee T, Cho J, Servante EK, Pucker B, Summer W, Bowden S, Rhimi M, An K, An G, Bouwmeester HJ, Wallington EJ, Oldroyd G, Paszkowski U. (2020) The negative regulator SMAX1 controls mycorrhizal symbiosis and strigolactone biosynthesis in rice. Nature Communications

Ball JGC, Burgman MA, Goldman ED, Lessmann J. (2020) Protecting biodiversity and economic returns in resource‐rich tropical forests. Conservation Biology

Zellweger F, ... Coomes DA, et al. (2020) Forest microclimate dynamics drive plant responses to warming. Science

Holzer A, Newsad S, Tran N-A, Harrison E, Smith A. (2020) Microalgae, bacteria and vitamins: three key players in aquatic microbial communities. Microbiology Society

Goudet MMM, Orr DJ, Melkonian M, Müller KH, Meyer MT, Carmo-Silva E, Griffiths H. (2020) Rubisco and carbon‐concentrating mechanism co‐evolution across chlorophyte and streptophyte green algae. New Phytologist

Yakimovich KM, Orland C, Emilson EJS, Tanentzap AJ, Basiliko N, Mykytczuk NCS. (2020) Lake characteristics influence how methanogens in littoral sediments respond to terrestrial litter inputs. The ISME Journal

Valbuena R, O'Connor B, Zellweger F, Simonson W, Vihervaara P, Maltamo M, Silva A, Almeida RAA, Danks F, Morsdorf F, Chirici G, Lucas R, Coomes DA, Coops NC. (2020) Standardizing Ecosystem Morphological Traits from 3D Information Sources. Trends in Ecology and Evolution

Gray A, Krolikowski M, Fretwell P, Convey P, Peck LS, Mendelova M, Smith A, Davey MP. (2020) Remote sensing reveals Antarctic green snow algae as important terrestrial carbon sink. Nature Communications

Wedeux B, Dalponte M, Schlund M, Hagen S, Cochrane M, Graham L, Usup A, Thomas A, Coomes D. (2020) Dynamics of a human‐modified tropical peat swamp forest revealed by repeat lidar surveys. Global Change Biology

Szyniszewska AM. (2020) CassavaMap, a fine-resolution disaggregation of cassava production and harvested area in Africa in 2014. Scientific Data

Lambing C, Kuo PC, Tock AJ, Topp SD, Henderson IR. (2020) ASY1 acts as a dosage-dependent antagonist of telomere-led recombination and mediates crossover interference in Arabidopsis. PNAS

Mehrshahi P, Nguyen GTDT, Gorchs Rovira A, Sayer A, Llavero-Pasquina M, S MLH, Medcalf EJ, Mendoza-Ochoa GI, Scaife MA, Smith AG. (2020) Development of Novel Riboswitches for Synthetic Biology in the Green Alga Chlamydomonas. ACS Synthetic Biology

Abley K, Formosa-Jordan P, Tavares H, Chan E, Leyser O, Locke J. (2020) An ABA-GA bistable switch can account for natural variation in the variability of Arabidopsis seed germination time. bioRxiv

Stutt ROJH, Retkute R, Bradley NM, Gilligan CA, Colvin J. (2020) A modelling framework to assess the likely effectiveness of facemasks in combination with ‘lock-down’ in managing the COVID-19 pandemic. Proceedings of the Royal Society A

Yan, L., Zhang, H., Goncalves, J. et al. (2020) An interpretable mortality prediction model for COVID-19 patients.. Nature Machine Intelligence.

Müller SY, Matthews NE, Valli AA, Baulcombe DC. (2020) Mapping the Algal Secret Genome: The small RNA Locus Map for Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. bioRxiv

Donald F, Green S, Searle K, Cunniffe NJ, Purse BV. (2020) Small scale variability in soil moisture drives infection of vulnerable juniper populations by invasive forest pathogen. Forest Ecology and Management

Rubio L, García-Pérez D, Davies J, Fernández JA. (2020) Short-term response of cytosolic NO3- to inorganic carbon increase in Posidonia oceanica leaf cells. Frontiers in Plant Science

Singh P, Stevenson SR, Reyna-Llorens I, Reeves G, Schreier TB, Hibberd JM. (2020) Upregulation and cell specificity of C4 genes are derived from ancestral C3 gene regulatory networks. bioRxiv

Dickinson PJ, Kneřová J, Szecówka M, Stevenson SS, Burgess SJ, Mulvey H, Bågman A, Gaudinier A, Brady SM, Hibberd JM. (2020) A bipartite transcription factor module controlling expression in the bundle sheath of Arabidopsis thaliana. bioRxiv

Xiong H, Hua L, Shi Y, Chen K, Smirnoff N, Kromdijk W, Hibberd JM. (2020) The rice bundle sheath produces reactive oxygen species during high light stress via NADPH oxidase. bioRxiv

Pokhaer SS, Thrope P, Hedley P, Morris J, Habash SS, Elashry A, Eves-van den Akker S, Grundler FMW, Jones JT. (2020) Signatures of adaptation to a monocot host in the plant‐parasitic cyst nematode Heterodera sacchari. The Plant Journal

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