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Visiting researchers


Dr Doug Bailey, Director of Research (INRA, Rennes) and Visiting Senior Research Fellow (Cambridge)
Epidemiological modelling and the control of plant disease

Marie Gosme, (Visiting PDRA)
Epidemiological analysis of the fitness components responsible for the selection and evolution of soil-borne plant pathogens.

Violaine Deytieux, (Visiting Researcher)
Exploitation of spatial invasion thresholds in the spread and control of infestation and disease caused by the soil-borne plant pathogen Rhizoctonia solani in propagation systems of field vegetables.

Natacha Motisi, (Visiting PhD Student)
Epidemiological analysis of the spread and control, by biofumigation, of Rhizoctonia solani in sugar beet.

Rothamsted Research

Dr Frank van den Bosch, Biomathematics Dept, Rothamsted Research, Harpenden.
Epidemic and evolutionary models.

Dr Stephen Parnell, PDRA Biomathematics Dept, Rothamsted Research,
Models for citrus diseases.

Dr Femke van den Berg, PDRA Biomathematics Dept, Rothamsted Research,
Epidemic and evolutionary models for soil and aerial pathogens.

Dr Inez Demon, PDRA Biomathematics Dept, Rothamsted Research,
Development and testing of epidemiological models for invasion.