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Department of Plant Sciences


bee studenthsipPostdoctoral Fellowships

Grant-funded post doctoral positions will be advertised as they become available. Applicants with a PhD who are interested in applying for independent fellowships to support their research in the Evolution and Development Laboratory should contact Beverley Glover. We have considerable experience in helping people to prepare proposals for Marie Curie, NERC, BBSRC, HFSP, EMBO and Royal Society Fellowships, and will be happy to discuss project ideas with you.


Summer Internships

Summer projects are always open to both British and non-British students. Please contact Prof. Beverley Glover to discuss projects available and funding opportunities.


Research Associates

A position is open for a postdoctoral research associate. You can find a full job description here.

Application deadline is Monday 10th January.

The project focuses on how flowers produce iridescent colours through nanoscale cuticle patterning. We have developed a model suggesting that cuticle structure, chemistry and stiffness allow the petal surface to buckle, producing nanoscale ridges that diffract light. In this project we will test this model using molecular genetic approaches. We have developed the petal of Hibiscus trionum as a model system for this work, and all tools are in place to allow rapid progress, including a reliable and efficient transformation system.

The main objectives of the project are:

  1. To use transgenic approaches to perturb cuticle and cell wall chemistry, to understand how fine-tuning of the cuticle composition affects the emergent properties of the system and leads to the formation of different patterns.
  2. To conduct a mutant screen to identify novel genetic loci involved in cuticle patterning.