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Department of Plant Sciences


The P2P solar hub has been developed by a team of scientists at the University of Cambridge working in collaboration with green technology companies.

The hub integrates two types of solar technologies:

  1. an aSi-PV solar panels and
  2. a new concept technology known as a ‘plant-BES’, which generates electrical current from plant root interactions within the Living Wall on the outside of the hub.

It will be displayed at the Botanic Garden (Cambridge, UK) for a year while the team behind the project monitor the amount of current produced by this combined system. The long-term aim of the P2P solar hub research is to develop a range of self-powered sustainable buildings for diverse use all over the world from bus stops to refugee shelters.

For further information please email Paolo at

The current output

The P2P has been created to generate electricity.

The current output of each of the 6 aSi-PV solar panels and 8 living wall/plant-BES is shown here. The instant reading of the current output is given by clicking on the link XXXXXX

The computer running at the P2P is not powered  by using the electrical current generated in the hub.