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Department of Plant Sciences

Ms Frederique  Anand
CSC HR Coordinator
01223 337117
Dr Lorraine  Archer
Research Lab Coordinator/Technician
01223 330219
Departmental Safety Manager
01223 330223
Mr Ben  Beresford
Facilities Technician, First Aider
01223 333929
Ms Elena  Bidash
Plant Growth Facilities Manager
01223 767820
Mr Lawrence  Bower
Scientific IT Developer
01223 748957
Ms Aimi  Bresler
Teaching Technician
01223 330217
Mrs Claire  Brown
Crop Science Centre Admin Assistant
01223 336990
Mrs Catherine  Butler
Departmental Administrator
01223 333909
Mrs Angie  Claxton
Accounts Assistant
01223 333916
Ms George  Cronin
Dr Sarah  Crudge
Laboratory Manager
Ms Mehves  Dignum
01223 333930
Dr Ruth  Donald
Senior Research Technician
01223 330220
Mr Matthew  Dorling
01223 333934
Dr Sonja  Dunbar
Mr Luke  Everett
CSC Horticultural Technician
Ms Silvia  Ferdin
CSC Finance Assistant
Mr Richard  Fieldsend
Computer Officer
01223 333950
Dr Lauren  Gardiner
Curator of the Cambridge University Herbarium
01223 330217
Ms Rhyanna  Halasovski
Undergraduate Teaching Administrator
01223 766519
Mrs Sally  Hames
Group Administrator and PA
01223 334107
Mr Del  Hawtin
Principal Accounts Clerk
01223 333916
Mrs Melanie  Hills
Postgraduate Student Administrator
01223 761759
Ms Karen  Hlaba
Global Food Security and CambPlants Assistant
01223 767827
Ms Emma  Jackson
PGF Horticultural Technician
01223 767820
Mr Marcus  Jarman
Principal Technician, Fire Safety Manager
01223 333947
Mr Dik  Jeffrey
Head of Stores
01223 333910
Mr Mark  Johns
Glasswashing Technician
01223 (7)48960
Ms Hannah  Jones
Digital Communications Coordinator
Ms Caroline  Kemp
Senior Research Laboratory Technician
01223 330225
Ms Harriet  Kempson
Laboratory Research Technician
01223 766545
Ms Barbara  Landamore
Chief Teaching Technician, Chief First Aider, trained in mental health awareness
01223 333927
Ms Annie  Lu
Catering Assistant
A woman in a green dress with red hair
Dr Stephanie  Norwood
Co-ordinator & Events Manager for the Biology Interdisciplinary Research Centre
01223 330211
Ms Katie  O'Neill
Crop Science Centre Media & Glasswashing Technician
Senior Research Laboratory Technician
Image of Holly Peacock
CSC Communications Coordinator
Mr Jean-Francois  Popoff
Senior Laboratory Technician
01223 748979
Mrs Francesca  Re Manning
Programme Manager Global Food Security IRC
01223 330446
Ms Jenna  Rever
Research Assistant
01223 766545
Ms Beatrice  Senatori
Research Laboratory Technician, Part Time
01223 330449
Mr Matthew  Stancombe
Teaching / Research Technician, First Aider
01223 333900
Mrs Susan  Stanley
Technician, First Aider trained in mental health awareness
01223 330220
Horticultural Technician
01223 767820
Ms Katie  Sutherland
Research Technician
01223 330219
Ms Stephanie  Topp
Research Technician
01223 (7)48979
Mr Anoop  Tripathi
Senior Research Laboratory Technician
01223 330220
Mr Richard  Walter
01223 748960
Ms Na  Wang
Research Technician, part time
01223 330220
Mr Simon  West
Maintenance and Facilities Manager
01223 333929
Mr Andy  Whyatt
Admin Assistant
01223 333916
Ms Abigail  Youngman
Events and Education Projects Co-ordinator
Dr Yi  Zhang
Lab Manager
01223 330221