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I am interested in C4 photosynthesis and how it performs under dynamic light conditions. My PhD focused on a comparative analysis of C3 and C4 photosynthesis under changing light environments, and on the photoprotective responses of each photosynthetic pathway. As a Research Associate, I am investigating C4 photoprotection further, and as part of CAPITALISE I am characterising interesting maize accessions with the aim of finding ways to improve photosynthesis. 



2019 - 2023  PhD in Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge

2015 - 2019  MBiolSci in Microbiology and Biochemistry, University of Sheffield, UK


Key publications

Arce Cubas, L., Sales, C. R. G., Vath, R. L., Bernardo, E. L., Burnett, A. C. & Kromdijk, J. 2023. Lessons from relatives: C4 photosynthesis enhances CO2 assimilation during the low-light phase of fluctuations. Plant Physiology, 193, 1073-1090. 

Arce Cubas, L., Vath, R. L., Bernardo, E. L., Sales, C. R. G., Burnett, A. C. & Kromdijk, J. 2023. Activation of CO2 assimilation during photosynthetic induction is slower in C4 than in C3 photosynthesis in three phylogenetically controlled experiments. Frontiers in Plant Science, 13. 


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Postdoctoral Research Associate
Cambridge Trust and CONACyT Scholar
Lucia Arce Cubas

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