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Department of Plant Sciences


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Research overview

I’m interested in how chromatin impacts gene expression. I employ the standard molecular biology toolkit, as well as CRISPR based precision (epi)genomics and cutting-edge genomic and bioinformatic approaches to assess chromatin dynamics, including ChIP-seq, RNA-seq and ATAC-seq. With these tools, I can survey the chromatin landscape and deposit particular chromatin marks at precise genomic locations, and begin to ask fundamental questions concerning their effect on transcription. An ultimate goal of my research to use this knowledge to impart stress ‘memories’ into naive plants, so that they are primed and ready for challenges such as pathogen attack.

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Previous positions 

2021-present Royal Society University Research Fellow Principal Investigator, University of Cambridge
2014-2021 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of California
2014-2021 EMBO Fellow Postdoctoral Researcher, Jacobsen Lab, UCLA


2009-2014 PhD Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge
2006-2009 BSc Biology, University of Oxford



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Head of Chromatin & Memory Group
Royal Society University Research Fellow
Associate Professor

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Department of Plant Sciences,
Downing Street,
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