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Mr Jordan Ferria

Postgraduate Student / Contract Research Staff
Mr Jordan Ferria
Department of Plant Sciences
University of Cambridge
Downing Street

Cambridge CB2 3EA
Office Phone: 01223 333934; 764736


Former Biology and Geology teacher in France, I also  graduated from two Master's Degrees: one from the "Université Claude Bernard Lyon1" in Genetics and Cell Biology, and another one from the "Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon" in Molecular Biology, Organism Biology and Geology. I hold the very french title of "Professeur Agrégé" indicating I hold a teaching licence.



Research Interests

I am currently studying the production of structural colours on the petals of Hibiscus trionum. My goal is to unravel the molecular pathways and physical phenomena responsible for the production of an iridescent cuticle.

Key Publications

'The cellular and genetic basis of structural colour in plants', Chiara A. AiroldiJordan Ferria and Beverley J. Glover, 'Current opinion of plant biology',Volume 47February 2019, Pages 81-87.

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