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Support and facilities

At the Part II level your association with the Department deepens at both academic and social levels. A lecturer will be assigned to be your Departmental Advisor. He or she will meet with you at regular intervals to check how you are doing and offer support. The research project you subsequently undertake will introduce you to life in a research rather than a teaching lab. It will bring you into contact with the post-graduate and post-doctoral researchers; indeed you will find a lot of science going on in the tea room. There is a dedicated computer suite for our Part II students where PCs are available at any time of day. Supervisions are conducted by the lecturer, not a third party. In addition, students facing financial hardship are eligible to apply for support from the Tom ap Rees fund. We are proud of our Part IIs and that's reflected in the support they receive. We also offer enrichment sessions to help you improve the quality of your learning throughout the year.

All learning resources for Part II Plant Sciences are made available through Camtools.

Time Management

Please note that we have re-organised the timetable so that you will have Tuesday and Thursday free to focus on projects, essays and background reading. You are expected to attend Departmental Seminars held on Thursdays in Michaelmas and Lent at 1pm in the Large Lecture Theatre (unless otherwise stated).