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Other vacancies

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Grant-funded post doctoral positions will be advertised as they become available. Applicants with a PhD who are interested in applying for independent fellowships to support their research in the Evolution and Development Laboratory should contact Beverley Glover. We have considerable experience in helping people to prepare proposals for Marie Curie, NERC, BBSRC, HFSP, EMBO and Royal Society Fellowships, and will be happy to discuss project ideas with you.

Summer Internships

Summer projects are always open to both British and non-British students. Please contact Prof. Beverley Glover to discuss projects available and funding opportunities.

Summer studentship analysing floral morphology and pollination

bee studenthsipA fully funded studentship is available with Beverley Glover in July and August 2016. The student will be paid £250 per week for 9 weeks.

In order to produce elite hybrid lines of cauliflower for sale to farmers and other growers, seed companies must collect seed from male-sterile female parents pollinated by an elite male line. This cross-pollination depends on bees. In this project you will analyse the floral morphology of a number of parental lines, so that we can advise Syngenta on optimal floral types for maximum pollination and seed set. We will analyse flower colour, shape, texture, nectar, and pollen production. If time allows we may also analyse bee responses to selected flower types.

To apply for this project please send a cv (including grades to date) and a paragraph about why you are interested in this project to by 25 February 2016. Please do not apply for this project if you know you are allergic to bee stings.