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Ms Emily Bailes

Graduate Student
Ms Emily Bailes
Department of Plant Sciences
University of Cambridge
Downing Street

Cambridge CB2 3EA
Office Phone: 01223 333934

Research Interests

bailes illusEmily joined the lab in 2012 after completing her undergraduate degree in Biology at Oxford University. She is interested in the interactions between organisms, especially plant-pollinator interactions and how this shapes floral evolution. Her project investigates how variation in floral morphology affects pollinator preference in Vicia faba L. (Fabaceae). V. faba has poor yield stability and it has been shown that insufficient pollination is at least partly responsible for this as visitation by bees is required for maximum yield. Therefore, this project aims to improve the yield stability of the crop by identifying traits which will increase visitation by bee species.

Key Publications

Bailes EJ, Ollerton J, Pattrick JG, Glover BJ. 2015. How can an understanding of plant–pollinator interactions contribute to global food security? Current Opinion in Plant Biology. vol 26 pp 72-79 doi:10.1016/j.pbi.2015.06.002

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